Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23 2×10: On Wednesdays we wear pink

Don't Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23 2x10: Mean Girls

Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23 2×10: Mean Girls

Mini Reviews. Short and sweet, that’s how we like it. With these mini reviews we want to give you a quick look into more episodes we do not want you to miss out on. Just in case the twenty other tv series you watched, didn’t suck up all of your time already.

Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23 2×10: Mean Girls
First of all: I finally solved the out of order mystery, yay! Thanks to GetGlue and Wikipedia (you have to check the production codes). It seems that this episode was actually filmed as 1×03 which explains a lot. June tries to be Chloe’s friend, but Chloe doesn’t believe in female friends. She thinks that a group of women together turn into a bunch of backstabbing bitches (and I think she might have a point down the line).

So June makes some new friends at Pilates, who are unfortunately super obnoxious. Chloe tries to be friends with these mean girls by joining them for drinks. When the drinks are non-alcoholic she freaks out and the Queen B is not amused. But there is only room for one bitch in apartment 23… The next morning the Queen B is (supposedly) killed in the park and June thinks Chloe is responsible after she followed Queen B outside the bar. Chloe was actually passed out on James VDB’s couch and plans to make June think she did it (this includes crying on the floor and fake passports – Krysten Ritter totally brought her A game in those scenes). In the end June even helps Chloe escape from the police, because she is trying to trick Chloe to admit she is her friend (it turns out Queen B is back with her boyfriend and on a holiday). Taking money from the cafe and moving to June’s family in the middle of nowhere is a little too much for Chloe, so she admit she was conning June and calls her a great friend. (1-0 for June!)

In the meantime James is a celebrity mentor for a chubby girl who gets bullied by some other girls. Luther even does an over the top make-over, which is hilarious. But James isn’t Mark-Paul Gosselaar when it comes to charity stuff (they really like to mention Mark-Paul on this show by the way). Overall this was a great episode! I love Chloe’s obnoxious attitude and going on the crime scene tour with June. It sad the network didn’t air it in the original first season. This episode would have definitely scored some extra viewers! – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Chloe: “Why do you wanna be their friend? They’re catty, obnoxious, and irritating, like all girls. I mean, those girls Are exactly the reason why I don’t hang out with girls. They’re competitive, they backstab and they post group pictures of themselves on facebook so they can show the world what they look like in a bikini. Look, I just prefer to hang out with dudes. They say what they mean, they like to have fun, And in a pinch, they have a penis.”


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