New Girl 2×12: Much to happin’ in a cabin

New Girl 2x12: Cabin

New Girl 2×12: Cabin

You know about that story when two oochie-smoochie couples relocate to a cabin?

1. What just happened?!
Jess and Sam are going away on a romantic cabin-weekend. Because Jess is nervous about the weekend’s level of perfection, she convinces Nick to join them and bring Angie along. You know, just as a back-up. Nick is not too excited about the plan, since he’s pretend-proud of the flingy relationship with his carefree girlfriend. Until he hears it’s a free trip. Makes sense.

The weekend starts of a-okay, but that turns around quickly. The power gets shot shuts down and an old bottle of absinth leaves everyone open-book wasted. “That can’t be good”, is probably what you’re thinking. You’re right, my favorite reader, you’re absolutely right.

Back home, Schmidt wants Winston’s – and I quote – “black light to shine”. When he notices how charming ‘Pixar’ Winston appears as he encounters some – and I quote again – “members of his own”, he decides that Winston should be able to feel this free around his loft friends as well. He decides to become Winston’s black friend he never had. Yes you read that right.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
– Jess: “And I want him to look at me in the end and go ‘Jess that was the best weekend I ever had’.” Nick: “I’m glad you’re keeping your expectations at a reasonable level.”
– Schmidt: “White Nick, brown Cece. I’d like to have a frank discussion about race. Do you think we allow Winston to be his blackest self?”
– Jess: “Gimme the boomstick.”
– Winston: “There is so much more that I find annoying about you, that I haven’t even gotten to race”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ It’s nice that, also in 2013, Schmidt is being his hilarious self. His race comments were all sorts of wrong, but so funny. Not to mention the facial expressions of Nick, Cece and Winston in reaction to them. The crack bit took it a little far, but eventually cracked me up. Pun intended, sorry.
+ About those cabin events. Changing the location gave even more of a free pass to really exhibit the couples’ differences. Lots of stuff happened in their story lines, and quickly, so that’s good. Besides that, there was also plenty screentime for David Walton, so that’s even better.
+ Nick and Jess “not hugging” at the end. Cute.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
This week’s New Girl left me very much entertained. Just so there’s enough room left for the show to grow in the new year: 8/8,5


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