Go On 1×13: Goal dolls, girlfriends and Regina George

Go On 1x13: Gooooaaaallll Doll!

Go On 1×13: Gooooaaaallll Doll!

I’ll be there for you
Like I’ve been there before
I’ll be there for you
‘Cause you’re there for me too…

1. What just happened?!
Yes I totally went with the Friends intro song! It seems super appropriate, because Carrie and Ryan decided to be girlfriends this episode (making cocktails, watching reality tv and do other girl stuff). Fun, fun, fun!

At group Yolanda introduces goal dolls, which reminds you to accomplish the goal you set for yourself. Ryan’s goal is “get the first date over with” and the group decides that his type is a funnier Rachel McAdams with bigger boobs (yes, I’m serious right now). He goes on a date with Carrie’s pretty friend Hannah, which works out quite well until she dumps him for Shaun White (a pro snowboarder and a Olympic gold medalist). Carrie helps Ryan out to be his date to an important event, but without cancelling on her he wins Hannah back. Quite a mean girl move like Rachel McAdams did as Regina George (yes, Rachel was a running theme through the episode). So Ryan has some making up to do.

In the meantime Yolanda tries to change her image at her new job with the help of Sonia and her goal doll. Instead of being the good and boring girl she becomes party girl! But if that is such a good idea…

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
Fausta talking about Lauren’s personal interest in Ryan (just because she’s – sort of – right about it): “You have someone in mind? Maybe yourself? You all think it. I say it. Boom!”

Lauren talking about the group’s “Rachel McAdams is the girl for Ryan” theory: “I’m sorry, is this where we’re setting his bar? The prettiest movie star in the world, but funnier and stacked?”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ The movie references this week: Batman, Mean Girls and An Officer and a Gentleman. It’s always nice to have pop culture references on a show! Also an extra plus point for talking about the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Russia. Ryan King is still a sportscaster after all.
+ Mr. K dressing up as an officer was awesome! I wonder sometimes how these actors can keep their faces straight on camera when Brett Gelman shows up in character with a big smile on and in a ridiculous outfit.
+ I really like Sonia and Yolanda’s adventures together. Their little bits are always funny and these two actors are great together.
+ Lauren’s high kick. Wow! Laura Benanti is doing a great job in her Pilates class, that’s for sure.
+ I’m a fan of the Ryan and Carrie bromance/girlfriends connection. They have a nice dynamic. Plus the awkwardness at the end was funny (and fitting when it comes to friendships with someone of the opposite sex).
+ The concept of the goal doll is actually nice, but of course the group took it to far. Plus I liked Yolanda’s introduction of them, which included some frustrations about her family’s expectations… we’ve all been there.
+ Ryan talking Dutch, yay! Our team is actually from Holland and we have to admit Matthew did a nice job on his Dutch words. Obviously it wasn’t a sentence like he claimed, but he said the words grandson (kleinzoon), boot (laars) and roast beef (rundergebraad) almost correct. So it was a nice try.
– Mmmh it’s hard to think of something which I didn’t like this episode, but I should add some small critic, shouldn’t I? Well I didn’t like Carrie’s wardrobe style being all over the place to make her friend look even more beautiful. Come on, she has showed us in the previous episodes that she has a great (and normal) fashion sense so she would have never picked out that sweater thingy! Also her friend was kind of annoying…

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
There were a lot of great moments on the show this week. It deserves an 8,5.


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