2 Broke Girls 2×13: I was getting to you eventually

2 Broke Girls 2x13: And the Bear Truth

2 Broke Girls 2×13: And the Bear Truth

Mini Reviews. Short and sweet, that’s how we like it. With these mini reviews we want to give you a quick look into more episodes we do not want you to miss out on. Just in case the twenty other tv series you watched, didn’t suck up all of your time already.

2 Broke Girls 2×13: And The Bear Truth
Max and Caroline win a weekend getaway, but due to some failed communication it turns into vacation for three as Andy tags along. He points Caroline to the fact that the weekend’s supposed to be about fun and not about work, which is hard for Caroline to fulfill since business finally seems to get better for Max’s Homemade Cupcakes. A constant hotline with potential new buyer Dottie does not much good for a romantic mood. When Max and Caroline hit the sauna for a secret business meeting they meet two “Bears” (not actual ones, people) called Deke and Dirk. It’s a double-couple-match made in heaven. If only Caroline and Andy would have been made there too. Turns out Caroline forgot about Andy’s birthday, whereby Andy finds out he comes in second place in Caroline’s future plans.

Despite of the many tasteless/predictable jokes, monotonous acting and inimitable money counting machine at the end of each episode (I mean can that thing magically remove or add money or WHAT?!), something still makes me want to watch this show every week. I’m still figuring out what exactly. – 6,5

This week’s favorite quote
Max: “Ah damn it, we should have known Han’s package was gonna be smaller than he said it is.” and “This is the time to take me! E.T., Alf, Christina Ricci?!”


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