Arrow 1×10: When the stakes are high…

Arrow 1x10: Burned

Arrow 1×10: Burned

Mini Reviews. Short and sweet, that’s how we like it. With these mini reviews we want to give you a quick look into more episodes we do not want you to miss out on. Just in case the twenty other tv series you watched, didn’t suck up all of your time already.

Arrow 1×10: Burned
After beating a lot of villains in the first half of the season, Arrow returns a few weeks after The Hood’s run in with The Dark Archer. Ollie decided to take a break from his revenge plans, because Walter disappeared and his mother walks around the house like a ghost. Luckily Diggle and Laurel (although she doesn’t know it) persuade him to get back in the game and Thea gets through to his mother (who becomes the new CEO at Queen Consolidated). In the meantime Tommy throws another fundraiser to get into Laurel’s pants. Okay that wasn’t really nice, but Tommy is just super annoying in my opinion. The writers should really work on his character. They already did the “Tommy loses his trust fund” move, but that didn’t make him likeable. I still got the feeling his only purpose on the show is to get into Laurel’s pants.

Anyway, moving on: The bad guy this week is a guy who calls himself Firefly and kills firemen on the job. Laurel is digging into the firemen murders, because it was her best friend’s brother who was one of his victims. She even steals The Hood’s phone from her father to call him for help. In the end Ollie, I mean The Hood, saves the day again and the local news calls The Hood a hero. Aww how cute. Luckily the fire didn’t spread to the basement of the club, otherwise the police would have found Ollie’s secret lair.

Laurel’s dad (Detective Quentin Lance) decides to use his daughter as bait and adds a tracking device on The Hood’s phone. He tells his daughter it seems like The Hood is always protecting her, so it’s better for her to hold on to the phone… I wonder if that’s going to be the reason Laurel will finally buy a pair of fishnet stockings and join Team Arrow (Although I suspect the writers are going to use that particular plot development as a season finale cliffhanger). PS: Dear writers can you make up your mind about Ollie’s superhero nickname: The Hood or (Green) Arrow? Thank you very much! – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Ollie: “I was WiFi-free for a few years.”


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