Ben and Kate 1×12: That’s what friends are for

Ben and Kate 1x12: Girl Problems

Ben and Kate 1×12: Girl Problems

Mini Reviews. Short and sweet, that’s how we like it. With these mini reviews we want to give you a quick look into more episodes we do not want you to miss out on. Just in case the twenty other tv series you watched, didn’t suck up all of your time already.

Ben and Kate 1×12: Girl Problems
Tommy is hot and heavy with his new girlfriend Lila and gets very weird about that whenever Kate is around. After breaking up with Will, Kate is aware of the importance of getting along with your friends’ boy- or girlfriends. That’s why she’s determined to become close with Lila. Of course this goes awkwardly wrong. Being a good friend she helps Tommy to win his girl back.

Ben visits the bank for a loan to finance his Rail Mall concept. His request gets denied, unless he finds an experienced CEO. And so the lobbying begins. In the end Ben thinks he found the perfect candidate in foxy Vira, when all she’s trying to do is get into Ben’s pants. It is not until after they get shmexy together that Ben finds out about that. He gets mad (no shit sherlock) but when they later on think of a brilliant addition to Rail Mall together, they make up again.

BJ apparently has a life outside her three friends.

I really like this show, look forward to it every week! – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
– Tommy: “I was gonna hide behind our mailman too and on our test run my hair was clearly visible.”


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