Hart of Dixie 2×11: You drive me crazy

Hart of Dixie 2x11: Old Alabama

Hart of Dixie 2×11: Old Alabama

It’s dress up time in Bluebell!

1. What just happened?!
It’s time for Pioneer days! Bluebell honors their ancestors by dressing up and having dinner with the whole town. The new couple (Zoe and Wade) decides to help out Lavon by dressing up as the founding couple, because he dropped the ball on his responsibilities after the break-up. He needs to get his act together because Southern Living is covering the festivities. Annabeth and Lemon try to land the catering job, but Lavon is still in his “everything is Lemon’s fault” mood so he won’t let it happen. The girls stage a fall out between the two of them and Annabeth gets the job. Lavon even assigns Lemon to wait the tables to get back at her.

In the meantime Wade ditches Zoe for a friend who’s visiting. Zoe is stupid enough to trust Crickett’s dating advice and starts following the relationship guidelines of the founder’s wife Lucille Lavinius Jeremiah Jones (which are written down in her diary). This is probably the most neurotic version of Zoe you have ever seen. She starts to do all these crazy projects to deal with her frustration of Wade’s stupid actions. George is the relationship expert this episode and his advice to Wade is annoy Zoe even more so she won’t become a big volcano who explodes and cheats on him with the mayor. (R.I.P. a beautiful pair of Louboutins) He also helps Brick breaking up with Shelby, although it really freaks him out talking about Brick’s midlife crisis. At the first feast Lemon and Lavon have another fall out which ends in a heart to heart, although Lemon still doesn’t admit she has feelings for Lavon…

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
George (Scott Porter) was on a roll this week. My favorites are his conversation with Brick: “Okay, Brick, listen, man, when people say, ‘don’t go there’ there is the there that they’re talking about.” his face was priceless.

The best one is his conversation with Wade about Zoe’s crazy behavior: “Ah, yes, I am entirely too familiar with the diary of Lucille Lavinius Jeremiah Jones and the particular insanity of those that would ask themselves W.W.L.L.J.J.D.?” [Wade: “I figured, so what do I do?”] “Well, the way I see it, women are like volcanoes. They need to have constant mini eruptions to let off some of that pressure, or you’re going to get hit with a giant one, like a huge one, like a fricking Pompeii, like your fiancée sleeping with the mayor.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ The costumes were really pretty. George looked particularly handsome in his outfit.
+ Rachel Bilson did a great job on this episode and her neurotic but polite version of Zoe.
+ Zoe and Wade were super adorable in the first few scene and the last one!
– Lemon is really losing Lavon if she doesn’t act fast! That would suck, because they are kind of perfect for each other.
– I would have loved to see Rose this week, because the whole town was participating this episode. Tansy not being there also sounded like a lame excuse.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
The writers are really embracing the quirkiness of the characters. Luckily for us, because it makes the show even better. 8


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