Modern Family 4×11: Happy New Year!

Modern Family 4x11: New Year’s Eve

Modern Family 4×11: New Year’s Eve

What you say? Too little too late for New Year’s wishes?

1. What just happened?!
Our favorite family’s celebrating NYE together. Not like that’s a surprise. Jay takes Gloria, Phil, Claire, Mitchell and Cam to one of his favorite hotels in Palm Springs. And has his mind set to make this the best New Year’s Eve ever, being all together and stuff. Too bad that at dinner, Gloria gets very sleepy (probably dreaming about something grape related) and ‘paps’ gets ditched by his very own children. Cam and Mitchell desperately try to recapture their youth by clubbing, while Phil and Claire recapture their passion and end up at not New, but Nude Year’s Eve. (I wonder how many yucky spam comments THAT sentence is gonna bring us in 2013). I would say poor Jay. If I didn’t know he ended up playing cards and eating grapes with Billy Dee Williams.

Back at home, Haley and Alex watch the other kids. Manny, Luke and….. oh right, Lily. The girls don’t know what to do when it turns out Luke invited two girls over, for Manny and himself, and even has a make-out session planned. Their little brother with a girl?! Does that mean the big sisters need to get responsible orwhatsitcalled? Manny has some blind date troubles.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
– Lily: “Who’s watching me?” Cam: “Haley.” Lily: “I’m serious.” Mitchell: “Alex.” Lily: “Okay, let’s go.”
– Mitchell: “That’s where we should go! Something fun for the New Year’s now that we’re still young…ish.”
– Cam: “We should start calling her ‘Ranch House,’ because she doesn’t have a second story.” Mitchell: “So good!” Cam: “I know, thank you!”
– Alex: “Hey, you sure you don’t want to play the Hunger Games with all of us?” Haley: “My whole life is a Hunger Game, why you think I’m so mean to you?”
– Mitchell: “He probably just doesn’t notice us.” Cam: “How can he not notice us, we’re the only people in here in sleeves.”
– Billy Dee Williams: “Hello, I’m Billy Dee Williams.” Gloria: “Hello, I’m Gloria dee wife.”
– Haley in voice-over: “New Year’s is so weird. The way it makes you think about time, I think that’s why people put so much pressure on themselves to have fun.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ I liked how everyone had their own little stories this week. Even though this episode slightly ‘came a day after the fair’, it came across well what New Year’s and all other Eve’s should be about. Being around family or other loved ones, rethinking the time that has passed and feeling the urge to enjoy the time that’s left for us.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
Happy 2013. Let’s make it a good one, Modern Family. You started of pretty darn well: 8.

What do you think of this episode?


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