Revenge 2×11: Family affairs

Revenge 2x11: Sabotage

Revenge 2×11: Sabotage

James Bond, Q. and Moneypenny… someone on the writers staff is a big 007 fan!

1. What just happened?!
Team Revenge (Aiden, Emily and Nolan) set a trap at the charity wine auction of Grayson Global to get more information about Aiden’s sister Colleen out of Helen Crowley. Daniel is still trying to win Emily back. Jack is in jail and Faux-manda tries to get him out, but he doesn’t want to ask Emily or Nolan for help. Ashley blackmails Conrad to get her job back and Conrad next mission is a career in politics. His first move is paying Jack’s bail money. Victoria is being nice to the competition and spilling Daniel’s future investments secrets to keep her son safe. Padma appears again and is being fishy.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
The comic relief by Aiden was one of the few highlights this week. He imitates Sean Connery as James Bond and says to Nolan: “So what do you got for us today, Q.?”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Victoria being a wicked witch. Flirting with the enemy to keep her son safe.
+/- They might did a small flash forward opening to make things more exciting, but the whole Aiden/Helen kidnap story was kind of dull. I realized almost immediately Emily was the kidnapper and it was kind of obvious they were using fake guns. Plus in the end we didn’t learn anything new. I’m more worried about Aiden spiraling than about the events in this episode.
+/- Another storyline I can care less about is Ashley blackmailing Conrad to get her job back (she might be good at what she does, but she will never be more than just a Grayson minion). Plus Conrad’s new political career: yawn.
– I really started to like Faux-manda, but when I start to like her she tends to do something stupid… this week’s debacle was buying a gun to kill the Ryan brothers.
– Padma being fishy ended in Padma being evil (and working for The Initiative)! Poor Nolan, he has no luck in love.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
I think I’m slightly disappointing with this episode. It was a bit of a letdown and too predictable for Revenge (yes, apparently it’s possible these days). Please let the Amanda sink to the bottom of the ocean soon. 6,5


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