New Girl 2×13: Nick’s daddy issues

New Girl 2x13: A Father's Love

New Girl 2×13: A Father’s Love

Daddy, can you hear me pull your pants up please?

1. What just happened?!
Nick’s father visits. Besides the fact that he’s extremely talented in a game of Feely Cup, he’s also a way too smooth man who’s failed in fatherhood. It’s no wonder Nick’s daddy issues strike up again. Jess and Winston seem to get along with Mr. Miller just fine. Could you blame them (hmmyes), you’d even buy a horse from that guy.

In other news, Robbie and Schmidt join forces and come up with several mischievious plans to win CeCe back.

2. What was the most memorable quote or dialog this episode?
– Jess: “Chica go bills is actually Spanish for young girl go bills.”
– Schmidt: “We can form an Ocean’s Twelve. I will be Brad Pitt. You will be the crafty Asian who does the flippies.”
– Jess: “There’s more to A Father’s Love than just semen! Ew! Very poetic, but ew.”

3. Cuteness vs. Useless
– In general, not my favorite New Girl episode. Something was missing, or maybe too much ‘dad’ was present. I dunno, I got a yucky vibe from that dude. And yet another horse track scenery, yawn. Honestly the first time I kept track of the time during New Girl.
+/- Robbie and Schmidt made it somewhat interesting to watch. Their moments were pretty funny.

4. Rate it! (on a scale from 0 to 10)
New Girl’s ‘off week’? In hopes for better: 6/6,5


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