Emily Owens M.D. 1×11: The chosen one

Emily Owens M.D. 1x11: Emily and ... the Teapot

Emily Owens M.D. 1×11: Emily and … the Teapot

Emily Owens M.D. 1×11: Emily and … the Teapot
Can someone send me a tissue box?! I can’t believe we are saying goodbye to this show in two episodes! Tonight was another great episode. I even start to like Dr. Bandari (her speech was great)! The chemistry between her and Dr. Aquino was amazing in the O.R. (no wonder they have slept together a year ago). Plus there was a lot of girl power on the show this week. Tyra looked like a rockstar. Emily finally stopped waiting for Will to realize he has feelings for her. Micah’s mom checked if it was possible for Micah and Emily to start dating (the quarrel with her son was adorable). Emily got the research assistent job and bitchy backstabbing Cassandra was left with nothing. Hot Molly decided to stick up for herself by saying no to Tyra. Okay, it was a bit harsh for Tyra, but she was kind of harsh to Hot Molly at work by ignoring her. Also all the guys cleaned up very nice in their suits. The only thing I was a bit bummed out about was Tyra’s terrible timing at the end of the episode. It’s time Micah fesses up to Emily he has feelings for her. Fingers crossed that they kiss before the show ends! – 9

PS: I added extra pictures to this post of all the characters at the fundraiser, because everyone looked stunning! Plus we only have two episodes left so there aren’t that many occasions left that we will see the cast wearing something else than their hospital outfits.

This week’s favorite quote
Micah to AJ: “Back off, dude. You’re worse than my mother.”
Dr. Gina Bandari’s speech: “I am excited by this research project for one reason and one reason alone. I believe it will save lives. For over a decade, the left ventricular assist device has meant the difference between life and death for patients whose hearts were too weak to beat on their own. But it is not without its flaws. My device… which I am calling the V-cuff, has clear advantages. […] Cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States. One person dies every two minutes, which is just a statistic, unless it’s a family member… your husband, your mother. When it’s personal, everything changes. So, tonight, I ask you to remember that it’s always personal. What we do is always personal, because we’re saving lives. So take out your checkbooks, because we are going to need a lot of money to do it.”
Cassandra about Dr. Bandari choosing Emily to be her research assistent: “Whatever. She basically just said she needs someone to baby-sit patients. I dodged a bullet.”
Emily about waiting for Will: “Screw patience. Screw waiting. I want to be chosen.”
Emily to Tyra about Will: “Why am I waiting around for someone to realize that I’m great? I want to be with someone who knows that I’m great.”


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