Nashville 1×11: Divas, addicts and secret admirers

Nashville 1x11: You Win Again

Nashville 1×11: You Win Again

Nashville 1×11: You Win Again
Wow, this episode was such an emotional rollercoaster! So much was happening for the two leading ladies. Juliette felt ignored by Rayna and Liam plus her record label when everyone was praising Rayna for their co-written number one song. She also had to deal with her mother’s court hearing and her mother in general when Deacon bailed on her at the party. It was nice to see Deacon bringing Juliette and her mom closer together although he was a mess. It really felt like a breakthrough for both characters (Juliette and her mom) that they were finally able to be honest with each other. I hope Juliette is able to take the next step in her life after this heart-to-heart and having Deacon joining her band.

I just have to say Rayna rocked on stage with that high kick of hers! But before I’m going to start talking about Rayna (and her men) I just want to say something about the non-famous Nashville group first. Let’s cut to the chase, Avery is an ass. He is right about losing the “band” behind his name, because his band is having lot’s of fun with Scarlett and Gunnar these days. It was kind of funny he was trying to impress Juliette and she didn’t listen to one word he said (okay, she was occupied because of her mom, but Avery really doesn’t deserve attention from a real star). I also really liked the song Scarlett and Gunnar were working on. The only thing that sucks between them is Gunnar acting out and being an ass to Scarlett because of his brother. He shouldn’t be so stubborn and just talk about it with her.

Okay enough about the other people on this show. Let’s talk about Rayna. Rayna the maneater to be precise. She has actually three guys admiring her, but none of them make her happy at the moment. Liam was clearly coming on to her, but he dug his own grave by lying to her about getting a bonus when she signed at another label. I’m not sure if I like Liam’s departure. I really loved how he got under Juliette’s skin all the time. It made the show funnier. Plus cheering for fellow Dutchie Michiel Huisman was fun. Time to move on… to Deacon. I really liked the scene between Rayna and Deacon at his house! It was great to hear more about their backstory together. I even got the idea that Rayna showed more emotion with Deacon than at home with her own husband Teddy. It’s hard to see Deacon giving up on the idea of him and Rayna when I think he has never been so close to winning her over in years. Although he is probably going to freak out when he finds out that he is Maddie’s biological father. The only thing I’m quite sure about is Rayna and Teddy’s marriage falling apart within a few episodes. It’s clear that she doesn’t love him anymore and Teddy would love to have woman like Peggy next to him. I’m really looking forward to the next episode which will air in two weeks, because the promo looks amazing! – 8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Liam: “Think of Edgehill like your marriage. The only way to get through it, is by fantasizing about someone else.”
Rayna: “I’m 3 feet away from you. I can hear you.”
Juliette: “Don’t congratulate me. Congratulate Rayna. Apparently she’s the one who did it all by herself. She’s the superhero, and I’m the person who just came in and held her cape.”
Teddy: “Maybe we’re not all that different, Rayna. Wrong choice, right reason. Maybe that’s how we ended up together.”


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