The Carrie Diaries 1×02: Fake it till you make it

The Carrie Diaries 1x02: Lie with Me

The Carrie Diaries 1×02: Lie with Me

The Carrie Diaries 1×02: Lie with Me
The second episode of The Carrie Diaries wasn’t bad at all. This week was about lying to get the things that you want and how far you are willing to go when you are betraying someone’s trust. Carrie has a few lies haunting her… Larissa needs her bag for the Interview Magazine shoot, but Larissa is so caught up with her own glamorous life she doesn’t realize Carrie is still in high school. I’m sorry, I’m not really a Larissa fan, mostly because she is so obliviant. Although I like her thoughts on creativity. Carrie also has to lie to her supervisor at the law firm to hold a zebra (camels and a zebra on a set which are nowhere in the picture, what the hell?) at Larissa’s photoshoot.

The high school drama is mostly about boys and country clubs. I think it’s nice that Carrie isn’t one of the popular girls that rule the school. It makes her more relatable. Donna made it her mission to get Sebastian who is very into Carrie. But Carrie’s only chance to see him is at the swim club because she is grounded. In the meantime Mouse is keeping her eye on Sebastian and Donna. Carrie’s lies seem to catch up with her, after she ditches her sister to have another make-out session with Sebastian in the pool. Her dad forbids her to date Sebastian Kydd because he knows about his family. Although he doesn’t say what he doesn’t like about them (psst… exciting cliffhanger!).

One of my favorite characters so far is snarky Maggie. Okay, let’s say I like her snarky side not the slutty one. It wasn’t nice of her to cheat on Walt, but I’m glad Walt finally spoke the truth when he said he loved her but not in that particular way. It’s a good thing the writers aren’t hesitating to let Walt have his coming out moment soon (remember this was a big deal in the 80’s, but I think it will be a great development for the group dynamics). It also kind of sucked for Maggie that her older boyfriend is only taking advantage of her to get laid. Emotionally there will never be a connection between them.

I liked the girls hanging out at Carrie’s at the end of the episode. Dorrit and her punk attitude brings a nice balance to this bubbly group especially when they talk about boys. Plus I think the show is ready to stop reminding us that this is the story before SATC, because it starts to bug me. If you are a (former) SATC fan and don’t like this show, just stop watching. It will allow the story to move forward and become a success on it’s own. – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Maggie (to Carrie about Donna trying to steal Sebastian): “You cannot let that fake baking, big-boobed bitch win.”
Larissa: “Honey, I don’t just thrive in chaos. I love it. The moment where all is lost is the moment I wanna live in, because that is where creativity lives.”
Larissa: “The point is, sometimes you have to fake it to make it. After a while, what’s fake becomes truth.”


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