Go On 1×14: Everyone loves a comeback

Go On 1x14: Comeback Player of the Year

Go On 1×14: Comeback Player of the Year

Go On 1×14: Comeback Player of the Year
This week group favorite Simone returns for some therapy. You could describe Simone as annoying and over the top. But she gets away with it because she is nice to everyone and seems truly interested in other people, which is flattering. She even goes on a date with Ryan. They experience a magical moment on a roof top in the rain and end up sleeping together.

The best part was Anne helping out Danny not losing everything in his divorce. Danny is just supernaive. But I really liked Anne’s mean/winning side. Restoring the balance by breaking the booze table in Danny’s former lawyer’s office was hilarious. But I don’t think the show needs so much beeps and pixels to be funny. I’m actually a bit sad the writers are going there, because it seems so cheap and the show has already proved it can be so much better than that. Let 2 Broke Girls score that way and keep Go On a little bit more sophisticated. It was nice to see Anne having a personal reason for her sudden craziness. I always like that the group is really there for each other when someone is having difficulties with something. Plus I liked the breast milk joke and Anne’s horrified face after walking in on Ryan and Simone.

Another great move was Mr. K connecting with Steven, after he pranked him first. Mr. K is really a fan of whiteboards by the way… This week’s episode had it’s moments (Anne’s storyline and Mr. K flipping cars!), but I’m not sure if I really liked it because the Simone character felt fake to me. – 6,5/7

This week’s favorite quote
Anne: “I’m a prosecutor. I put sleazebags in the chair and divorce them from existence.”
Mr. K: “No, no, no. Ryan, this is Simone. Yolanda is the one who we don’t want.”
Anne: “Back off, you Porsche-driving, coldwater canyon mansion-living, Harvard name-dropping motherfucker!”
Ryan: “All right. I didn’t want to have to do this. But you’re gonna have to choose. Her or me, okay? And I think you will all choose me. Except for a certain Buxom someone who I heard has already tried to have me eliminated.”
Anne: “Well, my specialty is winning.”
Ryan: “Lady, you are either the most interesting person I’ve ever met or a pathological liar.”
Sonia: “This group does not do well with metaphors.”
Anne: “Oh, no! Straight sex!”
Ryan: “I have a six-pack. But in order to see it, I have to breathe all the air out of my body, and then cough, like, really hard.”


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