Revenge 2×12: Trouble in paradise

Revenge 2x12: Collusion

Revenge 2×12: Collusion

Revenge 2×12: Collusion
*Cough* sophomore slump *cough*. Basically that’s sums up the whole episode. Emily’s charade became a little bit more complicated when she was dreaming about sleeping with Aiden who turned into Daniel. To convince herself she is still very into Aiden, they have a secret get together at the beach.

In the meantime Daniel tries to impress Emily with his private jet, new clothes and oysters for lunch (but when never see them enjoying this particular lunch, so I think the show’s complete budget went to the jet this week). Daniel also continues being Helen Crowley’s puppet by going after a company she advised him to buy (By the way, don’t you think it’s time for Daniel to hit the gym… he looked a little out of shape at the pool). Talking about Helen’s puppets… Nolan sets Padma up and makes her thinks she retrieved Carrion. Aiden is Helen’s third puppet who thinks he can kill Victoria to get his sister back. If a plane crash couldn’t kill this woman, why would you think a snipper could?! Plus killing Victoria is the most stupid thing the writers could ever do. The only chance that will ever happen is at the end of season six if Madeleine Stowe doesn’t want to extend her contract.

Talking about the Graysons… it’s Charlotte’s birthday but everyone is busy betraying other people. Victoria almost sells herself to keep Daniel safe.  Jack and Faux-manda still think Conrad is helping them to stay out of trouble, but it turns out Conrad is an ass. He goes into business with Nate Ryan to control the docks (Kenny Ryan leaves the bar behind, because he is probably too busy playing daddy Teen Wolf). A great twist at the end of the episode was Charlotte changing her name after Faux-manda suggested it. Welcome to the Clarke family, Charlotte Clarke! PS: your half-sister doesn’t live above a bar at the docks, but next door. In the meantime Aiden blames Emily for his sister overdosing and he is determined to find her (yawn). Luckily for us the Amanda sinks to the bottom of the ocean in the next episode. Let’s hope it will help Revenge to get their shit together (which means less Colleen crap and more Clarke revenge). – 6

This week’s favorite quote
Victoria: “Charlotte, would you excuse us for a minute? It seems that the cat has dragged itself back in.”
Emily (texting to Nolan): “Say yes and I’ll buy you a house.”


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