1600 Penn 1×04: #babydaddy

1600 Penn 1x04: Meet the Parent

1600 Penn 1×04: Meet the Parent

1600 Penn 1×04: Meet the Parent
Imagine working at Old Navy and getting escorted by an army of secret service agents… The President has found the father of Becca’s baby and got him ‘delivered’ to The White House. The young man in question, DB, has no clue and suspects he’s a secret spy. Stop sweating boy, wait till you see Becca and connect the dots.
After that: poor Becca. She and DB do not connect as well as on that one night a while back, so in a mild panic attack she volatilely leaves. The minute after, Skip does find his soul mate in his new brother-in-law, and thinks Becca should give DB a fair chance. Let the romantic date planning begin.

Dale and Emily have visitors. The Austrian Chancellor and his wife (we may call her Bianca) are in town and spend notable many minutes at White House dining tables. Emily’s struggling with old fashioned etiquette protocols and therefor gets into many discussions with Chief Protocol Officer Winslow. She decides to modern things up and not serve dinner on the antique China plates. Not a good call. Let it be that that exact China is a priceless symbol of the US and Austria’s mutual eviction. To prevent any more insult to her guests Emily immediately starts looking for the plates. Plates that turn out to be very suited for romantic dates…

I’m starting to like this show more and more! – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
– Skip: “Becca, you’re on page one of a fairytale romance with this guy. It’s a classic boy meets and immediately impregnates girl story.”
– Becca: “So I’ve decided not to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl.” DB: “Ever?” Becca: “No, I mean…” DB: “That was a joke.” Skip: “Bwhahahaha, watch out Jay Leno.”
– Skip: “Awesome. Now what hashtag should I use, cause it’s kind of a delicate situation. Is baby daddy one word or two words?”


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