90210 5×10: The Wacky Fan (to put it mildly)

90210 5x10: Misery Loves Company

90210 5×10: Misery Loves Company

90210 5×10: Misery Loves Company
Liam’s not necessarily the lucky guy. Only he can meet a girl that’s even more crazy pants than Vanessa. We find out how cop-gone-wrong Ashley not only keeps him handcuffed in a basement, but also wants to ship him to Southern Mexico, REAL comfy in a box. (How many times did she watch Madagascar the movie exactly? I’m guessing too many. ) Turns out she is an extremely obsessed fan, with the shoulder face-tattoo and mental problems included.
As the final episode before break left me quite frustrated with the fact that Vanessa was still alive, this week actually proved me wrong. If it wasn’t for her and Annie, Liam probably would have gotten fed pureed enchiladas by now. Somehow I even felt sorry for Vanessa in the end, which was quickly replaced by absolute shock that Annie got shot. Shot??!!

Dixon and Adrianna are still very much occupied with their snooze-fest-relationship-struggles. Let me still sum them up quickly for you: Hurt by Adrianna, Dixon ends up in bed with Megan. Adrianna walks in on them (awkward!). She thinks Dixon’s trying to make her jealous. Then hooks up with a random guy at a bar (real classy huh) to make Dixon jealous too. Conclusion: I was wrong in thinking we left high school a while back.

Teddy is still set on becoming the father of Silver’s baby, but she still doesn’t want him too. When even uncle Montgomery can’t help, maybe forcing a signature will…

Naomi found a note from Max that says he’s away on a business trip. Knowing that they recently have had some huge fights, this doesn’t feel right. While desperately trying to forget about that skinny dipping, she loses her wedding ring. After she’s failed to find it back and had a heart-to-heart talk with a yucky bearded guy, she decides to visit her mother for advice. Oh that’s right, Naomi has a mother, totally forgot about that. By the way, at what age did that woman gave birth to her daughter? 5??

An exciting comeback for my guilty pleasure show. Many loopy story lines, but such a thrilling ending! In fear of next week’s wacky-dream-episode… – 7,5.

This week’s favorite quote
Vanessa to Annie: “Didn’t that priest you ruined teach you it’s not polite to swear?”
Naomi, seeing a No Hippies sign: “Oh no, they think we are Ivy.”


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