Ben and Kate 1×13: Bread rolls as farewell gift

Ben and Kate 1x13: Bake Off

Ben and Kate 1×13: Bake Off

Ben and Kate 1×13: Bake Off
As people often say, seeing your ex after the break up is never fun. Kate can endorse that. Things get awkward (quelle surprise!) when she sees Will and he invites her to a neighborhood get-together at his house. Encouraged by BJ she goes and meets Lance who she initially asks out on a date, just to show Will she’s absolutely over him. On the date itself, a bake off, it turns out her and Lance (or Scott from Up All Night, seeing actors in several shows can be so confusing) are a really great match. Just as Kate realizes this, Will pays a visit and takes her by a kiss-surprise. He wants her back, but then again not really. Oy, dating can be complicated.

BJ gets addressed by a casting agent to audition for a commercial together with Maddie, who the casting agent assumes is BJ’s daughter. Fake it till you make it. But faking a mother-daughter bond is quite difficult for women like BJ. Probably even more so than for Maddie to learn a British accent.

Ben gets very disappointed by Vira, business wise. He decides that he doesn’t need her and begins his own company. We’ll probably never know, cause…

Dear Fox, when my thoughts mentioned something along the lines of ‘Exit that Vira woman please’ I meant just Vira, not the entire cast! Recent news told us the network pulled the show from schedule, which seems like the show unfortunately got cancelled. Such a huuuuuge shame! This might not have been the best episode, but to give the show a reasonable farewell I’ll add an extra point to this week’s score. – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
– Maddie: “I’ve been listening to the Bi-bi-see ahll dai.”


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