Glee 4×11: When the girl asks the boy

Glee 4x11: Sadie Hawkin

Glee 4×11: Sadie Hawkin

Glee 4×11: Sadie Hawkin
Initiated by Tina, William McKinley High organizes its first Sadie Hawkin Dance. It’s a dance whereto the girls get to ask out the guys for a change. In Glee World you cannot ask someone out without a song going along with it. As a big fan of sir Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice I really appreciate a good Jesus Christ Superstar song, so to hear I Don’t Know How To Love Him was quite nice. The facial expressions in the group as they realized Tina dedicated this song to Blaine were hilarious. Being gay and stuff, Blaine turns her down (ouch) which leaves Tina very embarrassed. Later Blaine admits to have a crush on Sam and decides to go to the dance with Tina anyway, just as friends. I’m guessing Klaine is really over? Brittany and Marley ask Sam and Jake to be their date (and who can say no to pretty blue dresses and a cute choreo?). So they both accept, but Jake still goes back and forth between Marley and Kitty. Puck helps to make the choice easier for his brother by becoming Kitty’s date.

Sam dives head first into investigations that might save the Glee club. Apparently the Warblers have some Lance Armstrong habits.

In New York, Kurt has some troubles as a Nyada newbie. News flash, college is basically just as high school where your group of friends is more important than your individual. Since Rachel ditches her bestie more and more for her NY love Brody, Kurt sees no other solution than finding some new friends of his own. Maybe the founder of singing group The Adam’s Apples is a suitable candidate? One who can do a folk hipsterish rendition of Baby Got Back is special, that’s for sure.

For someone my age, I’m probably way too excited about Glee’s return. And squealing too much during the boys’ performance of TLC’s Scrubs. (The girls’ version of Locked Out Of Heaven was awesome too.) – 8

This week’s favorite quote
– Finn: “I feel like we’re The Fugees or something just bouncing around from available class room to available class room.” Coach Beiste: “Wait, you mean like… refugees?”
– Sugar, while the group walks in a science class room: “Sigh, I want to sit under Venus” Sam: “I want to sit under Uranus…. What’s so funny?”


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