Hart of Dixie 2×12: Keep on dreaming

Hart of Dixie 2x12: Islands In The Stream

Hart of Dixie 2×12: Islands In The Stream

Hart of Dixie 2×12: Islands In The Stream
Zoe and Wade are working on the whole normal relationship thing. Basically it means doing something one of them likes and what the other one hates. This time they are going to the movies to see Coeur Sauvage. That’s were they run into George, Tansy and his parents who are visiting. George’s his mother isn’t pleased to see her son dating Tansy and decides to do everything in her power to get George and Zoe together. Also Tansy and Wade are having some trouble with the whole double date thing, but it’s a small area so the two couples keep bumping into each other. Awkward!

It gets even better when George’s his mother tricks Zoe and George to come to his father’s rescue and sails away with his boat while demanding answers. It’s actually kind of funny when Zoe sums up the reasons why they aren’t together. Although it doesn’t make sense when you listen to it, and you can obviously notice Zoe and George have much more similar interests than they have with their current partners, Zoe and George are right that everything has to do with timing and faith. I think both characters are much more fun with their current partners than with each other. Plus they are actually okay with things not working out between them, because sometimes a change of pace can be good. In the end it’s one big lesson in opposites attract. I really liked the last part of the boat scene, especially the bit between Zoe and Wade (“I can still hear you” and “How about us? We good?” “Yup.” “Just checking.”). Plus it was sweet to see Wade thinking about his future with Zoe when he was asking around about bartending in New York. He really wants to make it work with her.

The hilarious part this episode was Lemon making it her mission to find out who her dad is sleeping with after Magnolia finds a bra with leopard print in their couch. We all know it’s Shelby, who tries to warm up to Lemon before Brick tells her the truth. The most fun scene was seeing Shelby squirm and Annabeth telling her to run (and her told you)! In the meantime Annabeth runs into Oliver a good looking guy with a fabulous British accent. But Lavon recognizes him from a fishing trip and asks Olivier to be honest with Annabeth about his Foreign Accent Syndrome that is caused by terrible migraines. After Annabeth finds out she convinces Oliver to use the required medicine and proposes that she is still into him when he loses his accent. Of course she runs to Brick for help, right at the moment Lemon thinks Annabeth is sleeping with him. The moment when Lemon confronts them is superfunny and it makes Brick come clean about dating Shelby. The next day we see the three of them going out for lunch, but Lemon makes it clear to Shelby she won’t last a week by her father’s side. Annabeth is left single again, but she asks Lavon to join her for coffee. Will that be the start of something…? – 8,5

This week’s favorite quote
George’s father: “You may be mixing up you and God again.”
George: “Okay, watch it, don’t engage. She married a lawyer, raised two others. She’s crafty.”
Lemon: “Exactly! So how ’bout us sisters find out what bimbo my daddy is sleeping with, hmm?”
Zoe: “She lawyered us! Okay, I got confused. I mean, never call me for a witness, boy. I would not hold up.”
Tansy: “Because part of you knows there is no future being Mr. Dr. Hart, the bartending house-husband.”

George: “Zoe, you’ve made a number of speeches on the subject. Maybe you can summarize.”
Zoe: “Oh. Okay. When George was marrying Lemon, I definitely wanted to be with him, but couldn’t, so, on his wedding day, I accidently had sex with Wade, but then George was available, but I didn’t want to be his rebound. I mean, 15 years, right? So I told him to date other women while I got close with Wade, totally casually. Even though I still wanted to be with George someday, I knew that he was waiting around for me, so I told him to date someone seriously so he could break up with them. But then Wade realized that I was just waiting for George, so I decided to give it a real shot with Wade. I even went to a Taylor Swift concert so I could get his basket of crackers. Oh, and then George wound up hooking up with Wade’s ex-wife. I’m sorry. What was the question?”
George: “Made more sense at the time.”


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