Modern Family 4×13: FU Pritchett

Modern Family 4x13: Fulgencio

Modern Family 4×13: Fulgencio

Modern Family 4×13: Fulgencio
Three Gloria’s, oy that’s ought to be loud. Gloria’s mother and sister are in town for the baby’s christening. As Jay and his mother-in-law fight over the baby’s first name, Claire helps Jay realize he has an in-law he can’t win over no matter what he does. Sounds familiar? (*cough* Phil *cough*).
Gloria tries to reconnect with her sister, of whom she technically stole her life. No problemo.

Claire and Phil have the honor to become godparents, thus Claire is very busy with preparations. Normally she is the one to help her kids with their problems, but considering her tight schedule, Phil has to do the job now. Daddy Dunphy has his mind set on solving their three problems and one for his own. Daddy Dunphy wouldn’t be his bestest self if he didn’t make things worse instead of better.

Cam and Mitchell deal with a sarky Lily by teaching her to be nice and kind to people.

A-okay episode from Modern Family. Not the best, but a-okay. – 7

This week’s favorite quote
– Jay: “Fulgencio Umberto, the initials are F.U. Pritchett. Which is exactly the way it feels right now.”
– Lily: “I’m bored” Cam: “I know sweetie, but daddy’s are talking about what we’re gonna wear tonight and that’s a difficult conversation.” Lily: “Cry me a river.” Mitchell: “Lily, I’m not loving this attitude, you seem a little mean.” Lily: “Sorry, should I call you a wambulance?”
– Jay: “Gloria, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.” Phil: “Amen.”
– Jay: “We’re in a house of God dammit.”


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