New Girl 2×14: Apricot! Apricot!

New Girl 2x14: Pepperwood

New Girl 2×14: Pepperwood

New Girl 2×14: Pepperwood
Jess comes home pretty excited about a breakthrough in her writing class with student Edgar. She lets Nick reads Edgar’s story, cause she thinks it’s bloody good. (Ha, bloody! Get it?) Nick immediately suspects Edgar to be a murderer and joins her class as Julius Pepperwood. Pepperwood-investigation activated. Since Jess does not believe Nick they decide to sneak up to Edgar’s house and see for themselves. They actually stumble upon some very scary stuff, and then Edgar finds out he’s got some visitors. Oh oh. (Apricot! Apricot!)

A ‘pokey’ incident between Cece and Winston causes the friends to discuss each other’s pogo’s. It’s what your friends talk about when you leave the room, think bad habits, tiny irritations, weird toes… Who said you couldn’t learn from countless hours of watching your favorite series? See, eventually something worth learning will… never mind. We’re still deciding on Cece’s pogo and its existence by the way. – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
– Nick: “Writers don’t read, we write.”
– Winston: “I wanted to talk to you about the regrettable contact between Cece’s…her down there and my…parts.” Schmidt: “You practically shish-kebabed her.”
– Jess, about apricots: “What am I supposed to call them, sweet tangy balls?”


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