Pretty Little Liars 3×16: One man down

Pretty Little Liars 3x16: Misery Loves Company

Pretty Little Liars 3×16: Misery Loves Company

Pretty Little Liars 3×16: Misery Loves Company
Spencer is busy with her surprise anniversary dinner for Toby. Toby and Mona are planning their new A plan to scare the girls. Hanna is meeting a designer and Caleb is sneaking around… with Paige! Aria is still ill but luckily her “stepmom” Meredith is taking care of her. Turns out she isn’t that lucky, because Emily and Hanna see Meredith buying drugs at a pharmacy to keep Aria ill. Ohoh! Plus Spencer finally finds out what every viewer has known since last summer…

Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Wow, the set of Hanna’s run in with A at the designer’s store was beautiful. It looked like a maze of mannequins, which made it kind of scary.
+ These girls can be so naive to walk into a basement before Meredith does. But I really liked how this storyline continued. Meredith looked like a menace staring into the fire. Plus Byron walking towards the girls totally freaked me out.
+ Aria had the most interesting scenes this episode. The dream sequence with Ali was my favorite. I don’t know if her subconscious figured everything out, but I really liked Ali giving Aria advice.
+ The reveal that Mona doesn’t call the shots, although she seemed like the A-team leader before I like this development. It’s time to chase after a new bad guy.
+/- Burning those pages is going to bite Aria in the ass one day. I still don’t trust Byron.
+/- The only thing that really sucked about Byron’s story is the appearance of Melissa. Letting us think Melissa had something to do with Ali’s death just seems like an easy move from the writers, too easy actually. It made me feel like we are back to square one.
+/- Paige and Caleb trying to help the girls seems like a stupid move. The last time he did that he almost got killed. Plus Caleb saying he has owned a hoodie since he was twelve, made him look a little bit suspicious (although it was meant as a joke). Please don’t ruin Caleb for us too, dear writers.
– Remember when Mona being A was a total shock for the girls and the viewers? Well, we already knew that Toby was part of the A-army, but I think it’s stupid that the network put the big reveal of the night (Spencer finding out about Toby) in the promo. It totally ruined the moment. But I’m very curious how Spencer will deal with this reveal in the future.

Overall the episode was better than last week’s (but not so much better): 7/7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Hanna choosing her outfit for her meeting: “Okay… Which one screams “young and hot” without being too trendy?”
Caleb: “So while the girls are playing sitting duck, I’m ready to circle the pond and…” Paige finishes the sentence with: “nail her psychotic butt to the wall.”
Hanna to Spencer: “If you really want to surprise Toby, have on five-inch heels and nothing else when he walks through the door. What? I’ve heard guys like that.”
Ali’s response to Aria’s “do you see A?” : “Everywhere I turn. So do you. You all do. I’m surprised Spencer hasn’t figured that out.”


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