Arrow 1×11: Questionable motives

Arrow 1x11: Trust But Verify

Arrow 1×11: Trust But Verify

Arrow 1×11: Trust But Verify
The list is back! But can we trust the list? This week’s target is Diggle’s former commanding officer who rescued him in Afghanistan. He couldn’t be a bad guy, right?! Well, babysitting billionaire boys and girls changes you. Talking about annoying billionaires: Tommy’s dad says he wants to get to know his son’s girlfriend better, but it turns out he just wants Tommy’s signature to get rid of his mother’s free clinic, who was killed when he was eight years old. It’s also Thea’s birthday so it’s time for a big sweet eighteen party including a new convertible and a party drug called Vertigo. When Thea walks in on her mother and Malcolm talking intimately for the second time in one week she loses it, goes for a drive, crashes her car and lands in the hospital. After her release from the hospital the cops show up to take Thea into custody, because her toxic results showed drugs in her system. Oh, oh… to be continued next week.

Cuteness vs. Useless
+ I really like Felicity Smoak. She is quirky and funny, but also really smart. I hope the writers will increase her part in the future.
+ We’ve got slightly more inside on the Dark Archer’s motives. It’s got something to do with the death of his wife. Revenge is such a powerful motive these days on our tellies.
+ Rule number one of being an archer in Starling City is having a secret lair. Ollie and Malcolm are probably neighbors if you would think about it. What other reason would Malcolm have for keeping the Glades from being gentrified?
+ I think it’s nice that Diggle still has his own opinion while working with Ollie. It sucked he was wrong about his former commanding officer, but it’s great Ollie has someone walking around who doesn’t just follow him around without asking questions.
+/- I read online people have major troubles liking Thea and I’m not sure either. Willa Holland is great, but the Queen family is such a mess it’s hard to like the family in general. It looks more like a bunch of people who happen to live in the same mansion, which kind of looks like a haunted house. But I must say her Vertigo storyline looks intriguing.
– His father might be an ass and his mom is dead, but I still don’t like Tommy. Sorry, dude.

Another promising episode of Arrow: 8

This week’s favorite quote
Oliver about getting a car for his 18th birthday: “Yeah, but I could back it out of the driveway without hitting a tree.”
Oliver: “Well, I never said it was just one-percenters, did I?”
Tommy about his dad’s dinner invite: “Apparently he wants to mend some fences, but thanks to him I can’t afford a fence, so I can only assume he’s got some other agenda.”
Moira: “What’s that saying… ‘trust but verify’?”
Oliver: “The idle rich are hard to entertain.”

Felicity after Oliver walks in: “And here I was beginning to think my days of being Oliver Queen’s personal computer geek were coming to an end.”
Oliver’s response: “Is that your way of saying you miss me?”
Felicity says: “No. But if it works for you, go with it.”


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