White Collar 4×11: Taking one for the team

White Collar 4x11: Family Business

White Collar 4×11: Family Business

White Collar 4×11: Family Business
The show picks up right after we left off. Sam is Neal’s father, shocker! Time to explain everything about being on the run for evil and powerful people after wanting out over dinner at the Burke’s. Luckily the son of the evil Irish mob tries to rebuild his father’s empire. So Neal is going to counterfeit whiskey to get a job with Flynn to dig up dirt. Mozzie joins Neal at Flynn’s, and it’s great to see them work together on something again. I also really liked their first “counterfeiting whiskey” scenes – nothing beats a tipsy Mozzie and Neal!

Peter wants to catch Flynn for counterfeiting first and goes undercover too. Digging into his father and Sam’s past won’t happen before Flynn is behind bars, because it’s so difficult to find something on the Flynns right now. But Flynn jr. is killed quickly after his arrest… it seems like our White Collar team just crossed paths with someone who has an incredible reach. Exciting! – 8

This week’s favorite quote
Neal after June admits buying counterfeited booze for Christmas: “Remind me to check the bottle of Barolo she got me last year.”
Peter: “Neal Caffrey hung over… didn’t think it was possible.”
Mozzie: “Furnaces should have character, like the pieces that are born from them.”
Peter: “A home-cooked meal with a con man and his long-lost, dirty-cop father?”
Mozzie always talking about conspiracies: “You do realize I haven’t blown glass since before they faked Reagan’s death. I’m a little out of practice.”
Mozzie: “Oh, I’m gonna miss my eyebrows. Along with my bangs.”


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