The Carrie Diaries 1×03: Hamsters and heartbreak

The Carrie Diaries 1x03: Read Before Use

The Carrie Diaries 1×03: Read Before Use

The Carrie Diaries 1×03: Read Before Use
This week’s episode has been my least favorite of The Carrie Diaries so far. There weren’t any really shocking moments in it. Sebastian supposedly slept with his teacher, and Carrie had every right to overanalyze it, but the fact itself happened over a thousand times in teen soaps. It was stupid Sebastian broke up with Carrie, just because he didn’t feel comfortable for a second. Plus I really start to dislike Larissa. Peer pressure anyone? And why didn’t she see the “I’m still in High School” neon sign flickering above Carrie and Mouse’s heads? I took art history in high school, so I know performance art is just weird. Which made it less shocking I think. Although I like Monica Penny’s advice about owning your power. Luckily for us Carrie did that by declining the throne.

One of the fun things this episode was Max from Gilmore Girls showing up! It was fun to see him and Tom in the bar together. Tom being attacked by women when he start talking about being a widower was kind of funny too. He clearly hasn’t got a clue how to handle those situations yet. Other great stuff was Maggie being a drama queen, totally ruining bear-bear – the gigant stuffed panda – and not wanting to admit Carrie was right about her. Having her cross paths with emo Dorrit was even better. Dorrit just lost her hamster who she named after the singer of her favorite band (of course every punk lover in the eighties would do that!), which lead to a very funny conversation about loss with Maggie.

I think that it was kind of stupid Tom was much more strict with Carrie than with Dorrit in the end. Parents tricking you into feeling guilty is the worst. Dorrit came of easy with her hamster when she played the mom card. Tom is such a softie sometimes.

By the way can The CW ditch their big recap of the show itself at the beginning of the episode before they start talking about “what happened last week on…”? It’s really annoying. The same goes for shows like Arrow and The Vampire Diaries. If I hear Ollie say one more time that he was stranded on an island, like we completely forgot that fact, I’m going to throw my remote to his head. Sorry Carrie-before-the-sex-and-the-city, next week’s episode looks more promising. – 6,5

This week’s favorite quote
– Dorrit to Carrie about her hamster: “That’s Morrissey, like the lead singer in The Smiths.”
– Carrie: “Dad, you gotta stop thinking I’m your perfect daughter, and nobody’s ever gonna be good enough for me.”
Carrie’s father: “Oh, I don’t think that.”
Carrie again: “Oh, well, now I’m just insulted.”
– Monica Penny: “Never let a man – any man – make your decisions. Own your power.”


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