Emily Owens M.D. 1×12: Romance, rolly chairs and St. Something

Emily Owens M.D. 1x12: Emily and ... the Perfect Storm

Emily Owens M.D. 1×12: Emily and … the Perfect Storm

Emily Owens M.D. 1×12: Emily and … the Perfect Storm
MICAH KISSED EMILY! WOOHOO! I could finish this review with a rating right now and make this my shortest review ever, but I’m not going to do that. Because this episode was good, really good (and not just because of Micah and Emily’s make-out session).

After we saw Emily having a little nerd moment with her label maker and enjoying Micah’s rolly chair and St. Something poster, the hospital turned in to a chaos. There had been a big bus accident with a lot of victims. The snow blocked the roads to another hospital, which is why everyone was transported here. Emily had to run triage, luckily for her she is great at organizing when there are post-its around. After a hectic day and having to amputate a girl’s arm, Emily breaks down in the arms of Micah (awww). In the end the whole gang goes out for some drinks at the bar. Over there Cassandra decides to break up with Will, because he clearly has feelings for Emily. Micah spots Aquino going after Bandari and confronts him about keeping a secret. In the end Micah finally works up the courage to tell uhh show how he feels about Emily, yay! It was almost a happy end, because of course everyone stormed out right after the kiss, so we don’t know how Emily feels about it. Oh, oh, to be continued…

Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Did I already mention the part when Micah kissed Emily? Just kidding. Their bit in the bar was fun with Bob the Banker and Tammy the Travel (I was a bit scared Micah would back down after his discussion with Aquino). Emily saying “Thank you” after the kiss reminded me of The OC’s Ryan saying those exact same words after Marissa said “I love you”. It sucked they were interrupted, again! Will was being so obnoxious.
+ Great job on those longing looks, Michael Rady! I think the hearts of every Emily and Micah shipper melted a little when the camera zoomed in on those adorable puppy eyes.
+ Tyra inviting herself to move in with Emily for the time being was funny. It’s great when Tyra’s snarky personality takes over.
+ I think that part of what makes this show likeable is the styling of the characters. They aren’t trying to make the hospital hallways one big fashion show. Although Emily could lose an ugly sweater or two… When everyone hangs out at the bar, they look just like everyday people. As a viewer it gives you the feeling that you could run into them at your own local pub and not feel out of place.
+ Even the patients were great this week. I really liked Chloe and Dan. I kind of wished we got the chance to see them interact again after they both had surgery. But you can’t have it all.
+/- Although the storyline between Tyra and her dad was a bit stupid at the beginning of the episode (it seems so childish). I really liked were it lead to in the end. It makes you understand why parents can be so neurotic sometimes.
– Micah wasn’t happy about Aquino witholding information about him and Bandari. Do I spot a small crack in my new favorite bromance?
– Bandari said she is going on a vacation, which means we never going to see her and Aquino happen on screen and there is some great chemistry between them. Such a big bummer!
– Will is so obnoxious. I think I have to agree with Cassandra on this. Will isn’t very considering when it comes to his girlfriend. She was right to dump him.

OMG, we’ve got only one episode left! I’m going to continue with the extra pity point for Emily Owens M.D., because this cancellation sucks. – 9,5

This week’s favorite quote
Aquino: “Hey, what’s with the chair?”
Micah: “Emily got a new office.”
Aquino: “And they say romance is dead.”
Micah: “Hey, I got to give her some time to flush Will out of her system. You know, like a kidney stone.”
Aquino: “Huh. So in the meantime, you’re gonna try to impress her with a rolly chair?”
Micah: “And a poster. I have a poster.”
Aquino: “Dude, we may need to have a serious talk about women.”
Micah: “Yeah, sure, no problem. I’m happy to pass along some tips.”

Will: “Sort of slipping into dictator mode, there. Little bit.”

Emily: “I just see paradise. Where do you think that is?”
Micah: “Some island. I think it’s, uh, St. Something.”
Emily: “Yup, St. Something. I’ve always wanted to go there.”

Emily: “I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t here.”
Micah: “I think… I think you’d be okay.”
Emily: “It’s crazy, right? I mean, I’ve known you for like, five months. It feels like a lot longer.”

Aquino: “Dude, but how’s that gonna work? I mean, you’re gonna want to be romantic, and there’s no rolly chairs at the bar. I guess you can always get her like a bar stool.”
Micah: “You’re an idiot. You didn’t see the poster, the poster was cool.”

Tim Dupre: “I’ll tell you something else, 26 years later, it’s still just as scary because these kids, they grow up, and you’re supposed to treat them like adults even though you still remember that moment when they were helpless and you were terrified.”

Tyra: “Hey, come on, roomie! We gotta get up early.”

Micah: “Tammy. Is that you?”
Emily: “Hey, Bob. How you doin’?”
Micah: “Oh… whatcha doin’ out here?”
Emily: “Just having a small existential crisis.”
Micah: “Oh. One of those.”
Emily: “Yeah.”
Micah: “Why?”
Emily: “Chaos. It’s just all chaos. Can’t organize it ’cause you’re just constantly, constantly blindsided.”


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