90210 5×11: Annie’s anesthesia dream

90210 5x11: We’re Not Not in Kansas Anymore

90210 5×11: We’re Not Not in Kansas Anymore

90210 5×11: We’re Not Not in Kansas Anymore
Soooo owing to getting shot last week, Annie has to undergo surgery. All drugged up by anesthesia, she dreams about a world wherein she’s never left Kansas and is about to marry her high school boyfriend Jason. Dixon is not attending the wedding, since he did move to LA and became a (truly ridiculous) famous rapper. Also, the Wilson family is in a huge fight, apparently.
Annie, who’s obviously confused by this sudden change of life, cannot let this happen and decides to travel east to make things right. In LA she meets her friends one by one. Adrianna appears to be a 24/7 boozed up popstar now, Navid is Dixon’s hype girl assistant, Teddy’s back in the closet, Silver has found herself as the female counterpart of Perez Hilton, Liam sells illegal drugs and Naomi is poor. Jup, weird I’ll tell ya.
Of course when Annie wakes up again, the dream turns out to have underlying life lessons for all, ugh sappy but true. For some the lesson comes too late *cough* Silver *cough*.

Not gonna lie, I’ve dreaded this week’s episode. I’m often not a fan of episodes like this, do not really see the point in them, and once again I find myself agreeing with that. On the bright side, it must have been fun to shoot for the actors… – 5,5/6

This week’s favorite quote
– Naomi: “What is so terrible about me being a relationship where I can’t possibly get hurt and I get a new Mercedes?”
– Silver: “I am one big story away from getting my own gossip show on TV. It’s gonna make TMZ look like Sesame Street.”
– Navid: “Now that you’re actually not cool, I kinda like you better.”


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