Go On 1×15: The boy in white

Go On 1x15: Pass Interference

Go On 1×15: Pass Interference

Go On 1×15: Pass Interference
This week the group think Lauren hates love. She doesn’t want Ryan and Simone to date and she hasn’t made any plans for her wedding either. The girls (Sonia, Yolanda, Anne and Fausta a.k.a. Sofanda) are super excited about Lauren’s wedding and to get Lauren in the mood for wedding planning, they decide to pick out her wedding dress for her. The perfect body double is Owen. Yes, Owen is the vision in white this episode! And I think he actually pulled it off. It seems that their plan actually works, but when Lauren notices that the girls are vicariously living through her and her special day, A Goddesses party on Valentine’s Day is introduced.

In the meantime Ryan is dating Simone, the only problem is Janie keeps showing up when he tries to get intimate with Simone. Janie even has a ghost BF! It actually made me like Simone a little bit, when she finally fessed up that she had a small breakdown when Ryan walked out on her. Of course everyone meets up at the Goddesses party (which almost became a disaster because the girls were fighting over the party details, but Sofanda made up right on time). At the party Simone and Ryan decide to give it a try to be crazy together. Which was actually kind of cute. In the end Wyatt shows up too. To drag out the body double joke he mistakes Owen for Lauren. In my opinion they could have skipped that last joke… but overall it was a fun episode. Special shout out to Mr. K talking about himself being odd and eating ring pops during group! – 7

This week’s favorite quote
Anne: “You’re an adult. You should only have good underwear.”
Lauren: “Yeah, we got four Yolandas in here. Good day.”
Anne : “You’ve got that naked in the shower, and you walk away. Can no one in here win? I’ll take anything.”
Mr. K: “I’m just odd. Mentally, I’m quite lucid.”
Danny: “You’re in a love triangle with two ghosts?”


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