Guys with Kids 1×13: Let’s get quizzical

Guys with Kids 1x13: Me Time

Guys with Kids 1×13: Me Time

Guys with Kids 1×13: Me Time
Marny finds it hard to deal with her work and her family. She needs some alone time, but is scared to tell Gary about it. On advice from Nick she lies to her husband, tells him she has to work late and sneaks to the gym. To begin with. Before she knows it she’s wound up in a web of lies. Conclusion: never listen to Nick.

The local bar organizes trivia quizzes. Chris suggests forming a team with Nick, Emily and Sheila for competition. Nick is not too thrilled about joining forces with Sheila, but his extremely competitive side makes him forget about that as soon as he and Sheila turn out to be a trivia dream team. Emily and Chris cause the team to lose their first time, so Nick and Sheila come up with a plan to ditch them and win the game on their own.

Then Emily and Chris find out. Then Gary finds out Nick made his wife lie to him. Oh oh.

Marny on her scooter made me laugh out loud. That doesn’t happen to me a lot while watching Guys with Kids. Though I like Nick and Chris’ characters the jokes are often way too predictable. Still, something in this show is pulling me back week after week. Maybe it’s the intro song (cause that’s one of my favorites this season), maybe it’s the interaction between Nick and Sheila. I definitely like their mean-ish jokes to each other, and like it even a little more when they work together for one time. – 6,5

This week’s favorite quote
– Gary: “The positive reinforcement is great, but the conversation doesn’t go anywhere.”


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