New Girl 2×15: The long awaited lip lock

New Girl  2x15: Cooler

New Girl 2×15: Cooler

New Girl 2×15: Cooler
As if I could choose another screenshot… (a ‘yay’ is in order, right?)

When Schmidt cannot even get himself going anymore it’s time to go out and hook up with some ladies. Winston hasn’t met a woman in ages and has forgotten how to speak properly with the ladies. Plus, it’s the perfect momentum for Nick to show off his dashing new confidence (woman’s) coat. As the guys get ready for a good night out Jess offers to be their wing woman. It’s a ‘no’ for Nick and he accuses his female roomie of being his cooler. Slightly disappointed, Jess stays at home.

At the bar, the guys find a woman to fight over. Winston’s awkward mumbling makes him throw in his towel pretty quickly, but for Nick and Schmidt it’s every man for his own. The woman has a serious thing for other people’s misery, hence the guys’ show off in who’s the saddest of the two. At the moment Nick is about to win, Jess calls him for help. She hears scary scratches at the door and needs him at home. (Cooler moment #1)

In the meantime Winston meets a girl who’s supposedly taken. She’s in for a challenge and decides to help Winston with his dating issues. I’ll tell you now already that they end up together in the end.

It takes nothing more than a solid ‘I need you’ from Jess for Nick to move the whole group from bar to loft. Of course Jess now has to prove even harder she’s not Nick’s cooler and so she makes up a sexy game version of True American to get Nick ‘luth’ (which means laid). She changes all the rules in Nicks favor, but of course Schmidt still tries very hard to outdo them. It all seems to go according to Jess’ plan until a very complicated game aspect with two/four fingers happens. Conclusion: not Nick and his woman get to “French a little”, but Nick and Jess have to. (Cooler moment #2) It gets awkward between the two. While Nick/Jess shippers are on the edge of their seats, Nick freaks out, mumbles something like ‘not like this’ and eventually escapes via one of the windows (That part was hilarious by the way. Schmidt’s faint moment and his teary comment about Nick not getting enough attention, made me laugh really hard.) Nooooo, was that it?! Geez, will they ever kiss?

Well, the image above might give something away. Ironically after losing his confidence coat, he finds the confidence to show Jess how he should kiss her. Wowzers. It leaves Jess (along with the rest of us) a bit confused. – 8,5

This week’s favorite quote
– Schmidt: “You know what? That’s it. Tonight I’m gonna start having sex again. Now *pointing at Nick and Winston* are you two gonna join me?”
– Winston: “Ey girl what your name is? What that thang do?”
– Cece’s date: “I’m sorry? You love that small shiny man?”


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