Pretty Little Liars 3×17: Secret babies and creepy detectives

Pretty Little Liars 3x17: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno

Pretty Little Liars 3×17: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno

Pretty Little Liars 3×17: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno
Spencer is losing it, but is too ashamed to confess Toby is part of the A-army. It seems like she stopped digging, but she is actually meeting up with a private detective to find out where A’s lair is (with the help of Toby’s key). Although we never heard about Toby’s motive last week to join the A-army, we got a little bit more insight in a flashback. Cleary, Toby used to be a gangster… (let’s not talk about that awful outfit ever again). We learn Ali was already stalked by A and Toby would have loved to join the stalker back then (meaning: he wasn’t part of the A-army back in the day Ali was alive, but he clearly hated Ali and her friends, so it isn’t strange he is part of the A-army now).

A very important event this episode is Emily getting a package with Ali’s stuff from her stalker’s parents. It contains a notebook with a conversation between Ali and a unknown girl talking about a beach hottie. No one recognizes the handwriting, but after finding a picture we learn that Cece Drake was the other girl. Seems that Ali got more secrets that particular summer. She was late and claimed that the guy would kill her if he knew. In the meantime her mom started a new job at the local police and discusses receiving the package with creepy detective Wilden. Emily decides to bring the notebook to the police, but I think that wasn’t a really smart move because we see a picture of detective Wilden at Cape May. It might be a stupid theory, but why do I get the feeling he was the beach hottie?

Talking about secret babies… A sets Spencer up, and spills the beans to Ezra about his son. Oops. Although Ezra seems to get why Aria didn’t tell him, he is very upset. I’m curious how much this relationship can take, before Ezra and Aria are really done forever.

Hanna had more fun stuff happening this week. She follows Paige around to see what Caleb and Paige are up to. Turns out she walked into a lesbian bar. Some innocent flirting with another girl leads to a gin shower and a trip to the local police station. It’s nice to see Hanna’s sassy side again! – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Hanna: “I just don’t need anyone else protecting me, okay? One caped crusader is enough.”
Aria: “Aren’t you the one that’s supposed to be correcting her?”
Spencer: “Could we just fast-forward to the part where you scream or you cry or just do whatever you need to do, okay?”
Ali: “Jenna would be pretty happy to see anything, I imagine.”
Spencer: “No, I’m just saying that maybe if we stopped telling lies, maybe A wouldn’t have a reason to keep on exposing them.”
Aria: “A isn’t some tough-love life coach, Spencer.”
Jealous GF in the bar about Hanna: “Who is this peroxide piece of trash?”
Hanna: “I got busted for underage drinking, which I wasn’t even doing. Unfortunately, ‘I’m just holding it’ doesn’t work on Betty the bouncer.”


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