Suburgatory 2×11: Matchmaker Mom

Suburgatory 2x11: Yakult Leader

Suburgatory 2×11: Yakult Leader

Suburgatory 2×11: Yakult Leader
Tessa is dating Ryan Shay now, which gives her the opportunity to spend some time with her mother-in-(f)law Sheila. Sheila asks Tessa to help her find a new boyfriend for Lisa, who says yes after she finds out Lisa is freaked out about a spinster-dream and begs for her help as well. Sheila lures potential son-in-laws (and cousins, ew.) to her house under false pretenses, while Tessa tries to find the love of Lisa’s life on dating websites. She’s found the perfect candidate and tags Ryan along on a double (blind) date. The perfect candidate turns out to be Tessa’s ex-boyfriend Scott. That’s uncomfortable.

Dallas feels that her dog Yakult has been super depressed lately (suicidal even), so she called in help from a familiar face, guru (and ex-boyfriend) Yoni. George’s jealousy-alarm is ringing heavily as he’s on to the guru’s real intentions. Yoni doesn’t know anything about dogs, he’s trying to take away Dallas from George and live in their guest house for 4 to 6 weeks because of his iffy credit. If only George knew how to make Dallas see this. She might also see some other situations then. – 7

This week’s favorite quote
– Ryan to Tessa: “Are you ready to watch me give it to my mom?” (Oh my.)
– Sheila: “Come on baby focus on delivering your balls right to mamma.” (Oh my again.)
– Dallas: “She doesn’t even have a Morgan Freeman to Shawshank her. I beg you – Attica!”


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