The Mindy Project 1×13: Just like in the movies

The Mindy Project 1x13: Harry & Sally

The Mindy Project 1×13: Harry & Sally

The Mindy Project 1×13: Harry & Sally
Last week’s elevator incident did Mindy no harm apparently. In the meantime she and Brendan did schmexy things together a few times. Warm and cuddly with their kitchen knife in bed, they decide together to keep things simple and not put a relationship-label on things. By together I mean Brendan.

Mindy agrees to live by this ‘freely vibe’ and goes for a male-hunt at a party from someone from work, to which she brings along her best friend Maggie. While Maggie rolls (not trying to sound gangster here, she’s in a wheelchair, she literally rolls) Jeremy into a corner for awkward seduction techniques*, Mindy oversees lots of boring couples and meets a guy called Jaime. At first she assumes he’s taken, but turns out Lucy is not his girlfriend, but just his best friend he’s way too close to. As Mindy likes to do in general, she looks upon life in terms of romantic comedies. Though she wonders if Lucy might be the Sally to Jaime’s Harry, she decides to go on a date with him.

Speaking of that date… It starts of pretty great, with the two of them making cute Prince Harry jokes, but it quickly turns into date-gone-wrong as Jaime sshh-es Mindy when he decides to phone bestie Lucy during second course. Erm, Jaime, would you mind me telling you a list of first date no-go’s? Cause calling your best friend and shushing your date while doing so might be on it. No surprise Mindy leaves before dessert. She ping-pongs right back to Brendan for the night and starts to think that he might feel stuff for her as well. I mean, keeping diet coke in his fridge means something, right? Riiiiight. Unfortunately Brendan going to the movies with another girl means something too. Life is no award-winning romcom movie after all. Or is it?

‘Eye patch’ breaks up with Danny. His co-workers tell him to make a big romantic gesture to win her back. Weirdly (but really not so weirdly) yelling a monologue over Korn riffs don’t do the trick for Eye patch and her sea lion. (I’m guessing that’s a very odd sentence for someone who hasn’t seen the episode yet…moving on.) She’s just not really into jerks, and I got to give it to her, Danny kind of was one this week. The writers seem to be in search of Danny’s characterization. What is he supposed to be? The sympathetic guy who’s had his heart broken, or the douche? – 7

*can I add another romantic movie reference to this extravaganza, somewhere along the lines ‘Nobody puts somethingsomething in a corner’. Or is that too much?

This week’s favorite quote
– Jeremy: “Danny, are you going to Colin’s party tonight?” Danny: “Yeah Eye patch wants to go, but it’s really annoying to me, cause I gotta put on pants and a shirt and shoes…” Jeremy: “You’re describing getting dressed.”
– Danny: “How many best friends from college do you have?” Mindy: “Best friend isn’t a person Danny, it’s a tier.”
– Colin: “You’re having a good time Mindy?” Mindy: “There’s no single guys at this party.” Colin: “Well, I wish we were cool enough to have single friends, but we’re mostly friends with other boring couples.” Mindy: “Ok, I’m on to you, alright? I know that when you say you are a boring couple, what you mean is that you are the luckiest and happiest couple ever.” Colin’s girlfriend: “No it’s not that great. I mean we climb into sweats and watch Netflix every night.” Mindy: “Eh, that’s insufferable. And you two are a bunch of scumbags.” Colin: “We watch Pawn Stars.”
– Danny: “You’re the lady that says she’ll have what she’s having.” Mindy: “I’m Rob Reiner’s mother?”
– Mindy: “Wouldn’t Prince Harry’s Instagram be so good?”


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