The New Normal 1×15: Mommy’s milk

The New Normal 1x15: Dairy Queen

The New Normal 1×15: Dairy Queen

The New Normal 1×15: Dairy Queen
In this week’s The New Normal: breast feeding. Bryan’s bummed out about the fact he won’t be able to have such a close bonding moment with his child as all mothers do. Since mother’s milk is proven to be good for a new born baby, David and Bryan ask Goldie if she’s willing to pump milk after the birth. Goldie is fine with that, but admits she never breast fed Shania as a baby. Shania is shocked and no longer sees a bright future for herself. What if she did have breast milk? She could have been kid president by now! (Sidenote: that position is already taken.) Maybe if she drinks some breast milk now, she can make up for it…? Lots of inappropriate things follow.

One of Bryan’s mom friends tells how there’s still a taboo on breast feeding, especially in public places. One restaurant recently asked her to move to a more private room. Together with more mom friends they come up with a flash mob protest. Overlooking that flash mobs are soooooo 2011, the Milkshake performance was pretty funny. Luckily for Bryan, he’s found The Milk Man in the meantime, meaning he can join in on their dance. Don’t know if that’s such a good idea.

Jane is still dating Uncle Jesse Brice, although she’s not sure if he’s feeling the same way. Rocky gives love advice. – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
– Bryan on dating a doctor: “It’s like living with a magazine I never wanted to read”
– David: “If you take away my hot wheels, you pay the prize”
– Violet: “The Milk Man. We’ve never sold one cause it’s incredibly weird.”


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