Arrow 1×12: Time to cut the B.S.

Arrow 1x12: Vertigo

Arrow 1×12: Vertigo

Arrow 1×12: Vertigo
“Nobody messes with my little sister” was Ollie’s quest this week. He tries to find out as much as possible when Thea faces jail time (after her car crash and drugs use last week), because the judge wants to make her his new poster child. With the help of the Russian mob he arranges a meeting with The Count. But the cops disturb the meeting. Ollie gets drugged by The Count when he tries to pursue him. Luckily he didn’t get the complete dosage in his system. Felicity analyzes the remaining part, which helps Ollie and Diggle to narrow down The Count’s location. When Arrow goes over there (without his bow, because aiming is still a bit difficult) to bring The Count to justice the cops appear again and they almost catch Ollie. Luckily he gets away in the chaos. At the end of the episode we see Felicity handing over Moira’s notebook (which she got from Walter) to Ollie at his favorite burger joint. Oh, oh, the plot thickens…

Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Wow, I really get the feeling the writers are listening to me. First we didn’t have to sit through that awful “I was stranded on an island” bit and the best part: Felicity got some serious screentime again this week! Thank you very much, Arrow crew.
+ Felicity trusting Oliver, even after all the B.S. stories he told her already. Let’s hope Oliver doesn’t do something stupid with this new information…
+ Laurel and Ollie looked like two very concerned parents when they sat next to each other on the couch talking to Thea. It’s so obvious that they should be together. Even Tommy notices it when Laurel gets a surprise visit from Ollie who asks her for a favor.
+ The Count was the most interesting villain to date on the show. Great job by Seth Gabel.
+/- Nice parallel between Sarah and Thea. But Thea was acting really stupid when she actually wanted to go to jail to spite her mother.
+/- I’m still not sure if I like the flashbacks of the island. They don’t contribute much to the story these days. I think every viewer kind of gets it, that Ollie learned his tricks over there. I hope these flashbacks become more interesting in the future.
– The police department hasn’t got a clue where to search for The Count for months and suddenly they are there when Ollie moves in on him? Yeah right. Plus it super obvious McKenna Hall will be Ollie’s new love interest. I’m not buying her innocent act for now.

Some outstanding performances this week. – 8,5/9

This week’s favorite quote
Diggle: “Your B.S. stories are getting worse.” Oliver’s response: “I’m well aware.”
Oliver’s response when Felicity wonders why she gets the feeling she could trust him: “I have one of those faces.”


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