Hart of Dixie 2×13: Love is in the air

Hart of Dixie 2x13: Lovesick Blues

Hart of Dixie 2×13: Lovesick Blues

Hart of Dixie 2×13: Lovesick Blues
There is a flu epidemic on it’s way to Bluebell. Lavon and Zoe try everything to keep the flu out by closing the border for 48 hours. Although Lavon has some ulterior motives. He wants to beat a local town called Fillmore (who just made a commercial about strawberry picking) before they steal their berry business. Luckily George took a filmmaking class back in the day. Before we know it Bluebell changes into one big commercial set. In the meantime Wade is out of town for a gig with his crazy ex-girlfriend. He isn’t allowed to comeback because he never got a flu shot. Everything seems to go well, but the flu reached Bluebell anyway and everyone starts to drop like flies. Seems that our guy who never needed a flu shot, brought the flu back from Flu-ville after he sneaked back into town. In the meantime Lemon tries to prepare for sleeping with Walt for the first time and sparks fly between the stars of George’s commercial Annabeth and Lavon.

Cuteness vs. Useless
+ I think I will never get sick of Zade bickering about their relationship (pun intended). They are just so freaking adorable together.
+ Scott Porter looked very dandy with those sunglasses. Is it just me or does George looks a lot better when he isn’t the boring lawyer?
+ The chemistry between Lavon and Annabeth was great. She trying to avoid him because of girlcode and failing miserably in the end was cute. Also that kiss was hot! And did we spot a classic foot pop?! I hope Annabeth and Lemon can work this girlcode thing out before Lemon bans her from Bluebell, otherwise we would have to miss Kaitlyn Black on our tellies.
+ I even started to like Walt a little. He seemed a bit boring in the previous episodes, but I actually enjoyed Lemon and Walt’s scenes together. Maybe because Lemon was hilarious trying to hide her cold in a sexy way (and studying Fifty Shades of Grey).
+ Of course the initial commercial was as corny as Bluebell, but I loved the result in the end. Charlie eating the pies was adorable.
+ Finally some continuity when it comes to guest stars. McKayla Maroney appeared again as Rose high school friend. Plus nicely done mentioning the Olympics again.
+/- Maybe it was because of the strawberries and the focus on everyone’s relationship, but this episode had a little Valentine’s day vibe, in my opinion.
– Magnolia’s storylines seems to get a little bit ridiculous these days. I wish the writers would integrate this character in a bigger storyline, because at this point she is just wasting precious screentime.

The episode was fun, but not mind-blowing. 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
Annabeth to Crickett about doing the commercial: “Well, it wouldn’t be fair to deny the world my appealing energy.”
Zoe’s opinion on Rose’s “Screw the flu, wash your hands.” sign: “Great, it’s pithy and it rhymes.”
Wade response to Lily Anne’s remark on her uncomfortable couch: “That makes two of us.”
Annabeth to Lemon: “Tonight is not a dinner party, it’s sex. That means candles, clothes that come off quickly, replace Mozart with Rosanne Cash, and, dear God, lose the fine china.”
George: “Sorry, ‘cut’? Uh, y-you don’t get to say ‘cut.'”
Lemon (about Fifty Shades of Grey): “Okay, so I read all the parts that you highlighted– whew!– and I just have a couple of questions. How does one even go about building a sex dungeon? Are there, uh, specialized contractors who do that sort of thing?”
Zoe: “If only there were an actual doctor here who knew better.”
Wade to Zoe: “I did say the thing about the volume, right?”
Annabeth: “Sweetie, remember when we were watching the Olympics and those opening ceremonies went on forever?” Lemon continues: “Yes, and we were like, when are we gonna see some gymnastics?” Annabeth again: “Exactly. Trust me, eight weeks is long enough.”


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