Suits 2×13: Who run the world? Girls!

Suits 2x13: Zane vs. Zane

Suits 2×13: Zane vs. Zane

Suits 2×13: Zane vs. Zane
We meet Rachel’s father this week. He believes his daughter hasn’t have it in her to become a lawyer and she tries everything to prove she is more than just a pretty face. Rachel isn’t the only one having problems with a man. Harvey’s new associate Katrina goes toe-to-toe with Louis, because he can’t stand she got the associate job over Maria the Machine. In the meantime Harvey tries to win a gender discrimination case, but makes it into a Zane vs. Zane case when he lets Rachel be the paralegal on the team. Robert Zane (Rachel father) goes over Harvey’s head, threatens Jessica and has the nerve to ask her to merge their companies. When she shows him how far she is willing to go, he backs down because of a conflict of interest. But before he informed Jessica, he made a call to Pearson Hardman’s least favorite employee of the century: Daniel Hardman.

Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Best opening’s scene ever! The music on Suits is so awesome. In this particular scene you heard Money Maker by The Black Keys. Also loved Jessica for interfering and saying someone should be thanking her for interrupting.
+ Rachel almost stealing Harvey’s bagel. Harvey’s face was priceless.
+ Jessica’s decision to represent the women in 45 separate cases of gender discrimination and comparing winning them to playing dominoes. You just can’t mess with Jessica Pearson, ladies and gentlemen (but mostly gentlemen).
+ Louis and Katrina’s practical jokes on each other were amazing! So much fun to see someone going toe-to-toe with Louis this way, besides Donna.
+ Donna’s posters in Louis’s office was her scoring a homerun after Louis admitted he missed these pranks. Him cheering “we are back!” after ripping his pants was funny.
+ Jessica and Harvey having a Intouchables quote fest. I really like this movie thing Suits has going.
+/- I expected more from the father/daughter storyline this week. But I liked how it eventually developed through the whole episode.
– Nooooo, why does Daniel Hardman have to return?!

I always like when the women decide to show what they are capable of. – 9

This week’s favorite quote
Louis: “You know what? Over the years, all the ribbing and all the practical jokes between you and Harvey… I found that to be a sign of respect.”
Jessica talking about a press release: “Female head of major law firm is going to the ends of the earth to fight 45 cases of gender discrimination.”
Jessica: “I would rather lose my firm than get married staring down the barrel of a shotgun.”
Jessica: “It’s dominoes. Now, the first case might be tough. But after that, one by one… And when it’s all said and done, I’ll be the last one standing, holding a big, fat check in my hand.”
Katrina: “Rapist, murderer… these are the kinds of people I’m used to dealing with. And you know where they are? Spending the rest of their lives realizing that I wasn’t just a pretty face. […] You treated me like shit because I’m a woman.”
Louis: “How dare you? I worship women. My mother, my grandmother, God rest her soul… Hillary Clinton, Gwen Stefani.”
Donna to Katrina who wants to know who the hell Louis is: “This might take more than a minute.”
Harvey to Jessica about Robert Zane showing up in her office: “He try and hit on you? I think he’s always had a thing.” Jessica’s response: “Who doesn’t?”


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