White Collar 4×12: The key to the story

White Collar 4x12: Brass Tracks

White Collar 4×12: Brass Tracks

White Collar 4×12: Brass Tracks
Neal finally gets his hands on Ellen’s possessions and in particular the key, which leads to the mysterious evidence box. They can’t use FBI resources, so they contact Mozzie instead. Poor Mozzie gets a babysitter, Jones to be precise, before he is allowed to visit the Keymaster. (A lot of hilarious moments follow.) In the meantime the FBI team goes after the big bad guy (senator Pratt and former police captain in D.C.) who ordered the hit on Flynn jr. last week. Neal even poses as an architect called William Grey (extra points for the writers, because they integrated the speculation about Matt Bomer being the perfect lead in the 50 Shades of Grey movie – it was a nice LOL moment).

But everything has consequences… their investigation result in a trip to the hospital for Peter. Elizabeth begs Neal to lie to Peter about the off the books key investigation to keep her husband out of harm’s way. But Jones is a quick learner when it comes to Mozzie’s tricks. In the end Neal threatens senator Pratt, who pressures Hughes into early retirement because of their investment. Plus we learn the key isn’t just a key, but a map which looks just like Manhattan’s skyline. Because of Elizabeth’s request we see team Neal and team Burke appear yet again. Let the treasure hunt begin! – 8/8,5

This week’s favorite quote
Mozzie showing his hands to Jones who has to guess in which one is the key: “I only have two. Where’s the key, Quantico?”
Mozzie about Jones: “I can’t work with this. He has no visual acuity.”
Hughes: “You’re a real son of a bitch, Neal. But you’re the best damn son of a bitch I’ve ever seen.”
Neal to Mozzie: “Keys don’t have existential crises.”


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