Elementary 1×13: Turtle soup and conspiracy theories

Elementary 1x13: The Red Team

Elementary 1×13: The Red Team

Elementary 1×13: The Red Team
Sherlock is suspended by Captain Gregson for the time being, but when his favorite conspiracy theorist isn’t responding to his messages he goes to his apartment to check on him. Seems like his friend was killed and bugged for digging in some classified War Game stuff. Sherlock identifies the remaining members of The Red Team and is allowed to work for the NYPD again. It’s obvious that the members of The Red Team are targeted by someone. Sherlock even saves a detective who is kept hostage by the killer, when he figures out what is in the War Game’s classified documents.

It was a really enjoyable episode. Especially when Sherlock decide to take care of the conspiracy theorist’s turtle Clyde (and he keeps mentioning stuff about turtle soup – although I’m glad he was kept alive in the end). Plus it was a nice move of the Elementary writers to make viewers aware of the terrible decease called ALS. – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Sherlock: “Large groups of people cannot keep secrets. My hobby is conspiracy theorists. I adore them. As one would a barmy uncle. Or a pet that can’t stop walking into walls.”
Watson: “I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t use Clyde as a paperweight.”


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