Glee 4×12: Bare Bodies

Glee 4x12: Naked

Glee 4×12: Naked

Glee 4×12: Naked
First of all: the Warblers are disqualified and Glee club is back. Hurray, the story lines are saved! (Be fair, Glee without Glee club is kind of hard to do.) Raising 400 dollars for the trip to Regionals could also be hard to do, but not for our gleesies. No lame bake sale this year (again Finn? yaaaawn), but something WAY better they’d come up with: The Man of McKinley calendar. Excusez moi for throwing my preference of ‘cute and nerdy’ overboard for a minute and switching to my fangirl mode: shirtless guys… thanks writers of Glee!

While the abundance of bare muscles almost makes us forget that the SAT scores are in, it happens to be that Sam’s got the lowest score ever recorded at McKinley. He tries to overcompensate it in working out for the calendar a LOT. The Hot in Here/Centerfold left me quite confused about laughing so hard (is it supposed to be this wrong on so many levels?). And oh yeah, Sam’s physique… not too shabby. (Or to quote a certain mr. Anderson: oh sweet merciful Lord.) Artie on the other hand is not that confident about his looks and against posing shirtless.

And he’s not the only one doubting whether or not to keep clothes on. In New York, Rachel’s got the part in a student art film and is asked to do a topless scene. Will she do it, will she not? Basically, she’s torn between the two (Ha! Torn! Got it?) She did well on the song, though I still find that the big broadway numbers suit her voice better. Putting the old and new Rachel next to each other was a great idea from Ryan. When new Rachel decides to broaden her limits a little, Kurt calls in for an intervention. Which is great, cause that means Santana and Quinn return! (Did I hear Santana mentioning staying? YAY) The three of them discuss Rachel’s decision and sing a little love song together. Literally, they sang Love Song by Sara Bareilles.

Marley and Jake are scared to say I love you to each other…yada yada yada. I like the character of Marley, but her and Jake are just a little too high school for me. Let’s leave it at: A thousand years is such a pretty song. And this week could have used a few more pretty songs to be honest. Although the last song was great. Plus, the amount of six-packs made up for the rest of it. Fangirl signing out. – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
– Tina: “For the record, Blaine has an awesome body and a perky and delicious behind that looks like it got baked to perfection by some sort of master chef.”
– Artie: “Well not everyone in here looks like they’re on the CW. Some of us are more… PBS.”
– Kurt: “Your boyfriend’s bare ass is on one of my vintage flea market chairs.”
– Kurt: “I don’t get it. A year ago you were all plaid skirts and ‘do you think Finn likes me?’ And now you’re Slutty Barbie asking Misogynist Ken to move in with you and doing pornos. What happened to you?”

I present, The Man of McKinley calendar. Because I HAD to.


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