Elementary 1×14: Beating the odds

Elementary 1x14: The Deductionist

Elementary 1×14: The Deductionist

Elementary 1×14: The Deductionist
There were two Elementary episodes this week! It had something to do with a few guys running around a field with a football also known as Superbowl. A lot of lights, cameras and action that night, which the loyal viewers of Elementary could notice too during this episode.

Sherlock solves a crime in the first few minutes of the episode, before we see a serial killer causing a few more victims on screen. Let the manhunt begin! Of course we meet a woman Kathryn Drummond, a profiler, who caught the serial killer Ennis the first time around and has some history with Sherlock. Holmes hates when people get to know him, but it’s a nice chance for the viewers to get to know him a little better. When the serial killer doesn’t follow his usual M.O. Sherlock is the only one who can make sense of the situation. Seems they have a mutual hate for a certain profiler. I really enjoyed how Sherlock decided to do an experiment before he caught Ennis. Just to make sure if the profiler was wrong about Ennis, there would be a chance that she would be wrong about him. Plus he still had a sense of humor in those scenes (referring to being scared of clowns).

Elementary was certainly a bit more flashy this week, but managed to stay true to the characters and previous storylines. – 8

This week’s favorite quote
Sherlock talking about the profiler: “She’s a buffoon. All profilers are. They’re snake oil salesmen who cast maladjusted closet cases as criminal geniuses in the media. The profilers, in turn, can be super-geniuses when the killers are caught.”
Sherlock talking about his own profile by Drummond: “The term she used was self-annihilation. ‘A tangle of incandescent talent and ingrained character flaws that can only lead to one end: self-annihilation.'”

Sherlock: “An experiment. Two choices. Now, if you are, in fact, a chicken-heart, you will choose the handcuffs and surrender, but if you’re willing to face an opponent face-to-face, you’ll choose the gun. Personally, I hope you go for the gun. If you do, it’ll prove that Drummond was wrong about you, and if she was wrong about you being a coward…”
Ennis: “Then maybe she’s wrong about how you’ll end up, too. Maybe you won’t die after turning back to drugs to dull those senses that just won’t quite shut down. Is that what you’re terrified of?”
Sherlock: “That and clowns. Word of warning. If you reach for the gun, I will reach for you.”


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