Emily Owens M.D. series finale: Pick a team!

Emily Owens M.D. 1x13: Emily and ... the Leap

Emily Owens M.D. 1×13: Emily and … the Leap

Emily Owens M.D. 1×13: Emily and … the Leap
Remember this scene from Emily Owens M.D. season (series) finale? When you were melting and murmuring to your telly how freaking cute Emily and Micah are together? Those were good times. Not the final scene where Emily ripped our heart out and hooked up with Will. Let’s not forget about The CW stomping on our ripped out heart a few seconds later, when you realized we will never learn what happens next because the CW pulled the plug on this show a long time ago.

How mad will Micah be when he finds out about Will and Emily? Will Emily realize she is just Will’s rebound and made a huge mistake? (Okay, maybe that’s just my opinion, but come on she talked about being CHOSEN and Will showing up drunk a few days after getting dumped, screams being chosen to be the rebound and not to be the leading lady in the love story). Plus what about the chemistry between the super sexy doctor Aquino and doctor Bandari?! He’d got her to smile within a few seconds… that would have been one of the hottest hookups of the season, I guess.

Luckily we have fanfiction to focus on the “what happened next” part, so let’s talk about what happened on the finale episode. Emily is super confused about Micah’s kiss, because he is her boss and she doesn’t want to jeopardize her career over a fling. Tyra points out that it probably has something to do about Will being single again too. Emily admits she squashed her feelings for him away somewhere very deep down (clue number one, dear viewers, her feelings aren’t gone, they are just repressed).

But enough small talk over coffee, time to get to work and deal with annoying patients. When she runs into Micah she kind of flustered, how adorable. But it doesn’t make it any easier when she runs into Will too. Cassandra says she is over Will, but a very nice lesbian couple make her realize she is devastated that her ex is in love with someone else (clue number two: walking way too close to each other). I actually felt a bit sorry for Cassandra at that point. Within a few minutes the ill woman dies, because she was misdiagnosed by Will (and Cassandra). Poor woman! Plus why does Will keep fucking up?! Get a grip Will and don’t be so vain!

In the meantime Emily and Micah have the cutest lunch date (which wasn’t a real date, just a discussion about getting involved) in the record room. Micah is sooooo in love with Emily (look at his eyes!) and they make a nice match, really. They can definitely talk about stuff and Emily feels comfortable around Micah. Which is kind of a miracle when it comes to Emily, I think. We’ve all met her awkward side several times this season. They, or actually Micah, decide to give it a try. But when Emily doesn’t get to be his assistent on a Triple A repair, she isn’t amused because he didn’t pick her for her skills but tried to make it look like she doesn’t get a special treatment.

Of course she runs into a very upset Will at the same moment. They hang out at the bar and they talk about their love lives. It seems that Emily convinces to walk away from Will. But later that evening, someone is at her door… At this point I was begging to my tellie “please let it be Micah, PLEASE BE MICAH!” But obviously that didn’t work, because when Emily opened the door smiling, it was Will. They kiss and hook up, the end. No kidding, that was literally the final moment of Emily Owens M.D.! Plus Emily talked about think before you act. Did she just now? Or am I a bit blindsided because I’m Team Micah?

Obviously this episode would have been a great midseason finale, because of the “who will she pick” storyline, Micah’s mother going to have a special cancer treatment plus his crazy sister showing up and the great cliffhanger at the end with the person behind the door. But we have to deal with this episode as a series finale. Which makes it’s finale rating an 8,5.

Like I have said before, this show really started to grow on me during the season. The characters became more likeable and the show found it’s strengths. I sincerely hope – if the show doesn’t get picked up by another network – the actors find another job real soon. They have done a great job on this show and they deserve to be on the air.

This week’s favorite quote
Micah: “Again with the thank you.”


One thought on “Emily Owens M.D. series finale: Pick a team!

  1. I so agree I really enjoyed this show it was playful flirty, plus educational to me…. I dont care to much for hospital shows do to the seriousness or terms I dont understand or like Scrubs I do like but not real ya know. Hate to see Emily Owens go. Plus not to mention the cute men in it!

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