Hart of Dixie 2×14: Love is a losing game

Hart of Dixie 2x14: Take Me Home, Country Roads

Hart of Dixie 2×14: Take Me Home, Country Roads

Hart of Dixie 2×14: Take Me Home, Country Roads
I’m a bit scared I’m going to be out of “love” titles before Valentine’s day, but it is the running theme this season. Annabeth is still dealing with her feelings for Lavon (and girl code). Lemon is busy planning Brick’s birthday party where he wants to introduce Shelby to his friends and patients. George has to babysit Tansy’s dog, but he loses her and Tansy freaks out. In the meantime Wade tries to get some alone time with Zoe, but because of her current popularity after the flu epidemic she is working late every day. When Brick’s nephew Jonah Breeland volunteers to sub for her, Zoe feels like her popularity is fading.

Cuteness vs. Useless
+ I like Jonah Breeland. Everything about him screams trouble. It’s time someone is going to stir up that small town again. Did I spot some personal interest in Zoe Hart when they had that heart-to-heart at Brick’s birthday bash?
+ Shelby is crazy, but I’ve got to hand it to her for sticking to the plan. She actually managed to make everyone fall in love with her. Plus it was a fun performance. Lemon and Magnolia were acting childish.
+ George babysitting Tansy’s dog was hilarious. It was a great way to get him to sing again on the show. Scott Porter is talented.
+ Getting Magnolia engaged with a bigger storyline. She makes the Breelands seem more like a family instead of one big battle between daughter Lemon and father Brick. This is why they should keep Magnolia around.
+/- It sucks that Annabeth isn’t able to move forward with her life, because she doesn’t want to ruin her friendship with Lemon. The worst part is when she came forward, Lemon returned to her old ways of controlling everyone’s life around her.
+/- I think it’s time that Zoe and Wade face a bigger problem than their weekly dating obstacle. Their fighting and make up cycle every episode is getting predictable. Jonah Breeland would do an excellent job, I think.

Another descent episode, but it’s time someone stirs up some trouble again. – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Zoe to Jonah when he considers to work in Bluebell as a doctor: “But we’ve got plenty of doctors, so thank you. And more than enough Breelands.”
Lemon: “Who am I kidding? At best I am Lemon 1.5.”
Jonah: “Thank God Dash’s blog keeps me connected. You know, and he’s always mentioning this mythical Zoe Hart.”
Magnolia: “I’m 15… we make very poor decisions. You can look it up.”


2 thoughts on “Hart of Dixie 2×14: Love is a losing game

  1. I’ve also always had a crush on Jonah … George is like the ‘good’ boyfriend and Wade is the sexy ‘bad boy’ … Jonah is the cute ‘Boy Next Door.’

  2. True, George is the good guy and Wade is the bad boy. I hoped when Jonah was introduced that he would be a nice combo of those two characters, but Jonah has been too cocky from time to time (for my taste). So if I have to choose between Zade, Zeorge or Zonah right now (and with the season finale in mind), I would go for Zade. Which ship would you prefer for season three?

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