The Carrie Diaries 1×04: The part you were born to play

The Carrie Diaries 1x04: Fright Night

The Carrie Diaries 1×04: Fright Night

The Carrie Diaries 1×04: Fright Night
It’s Halloween in the eighties! Back in Carrie’s hometown it means the popular kid rents out the local diner and your costume is a pair of animal ears (if you went through the trouble to get a costume at all). The real costume party is at Larissa’s. This time Carrie brings Walt along, because otherwise it would have messed up her couples costume (prince Charles and Lady Di). Tonight is about fairytales, but the clock strikes midnight a bit too soon for our heroine.

First of all, I still don’t get why her father doesn’t ask “hey, who’s party are you going to?!” But let’s not focus on his lack of parenting skills. Dorrit is back to her dark and childish ways this episode, so he has his hands full with her. Their storyline this episode was a bit dull.

Larissa’s entrance at her own party reminded me of Lady Gaga in the egg. Especially when Larissa started rambling about being a bird. Luckily Carrie got her parenting genes from her mother and takes care of a drugged Larissa. Although she would rather impress the Stanley Kubrick fan Bennet Wilcox. I have to say he was a fun new character. Of course it was obvious he was gay, but he made a nice Prince Charming. Maybe because he isn’t as in love with himself as Larissa. He would have been the perfect type for Walt. After their kiss Walt was pretty spooked by some nameless guys in the street who wanted to beat up a gay couple. I like the writers acknowledge it was even harder to be gay in the eighties than nowadays. Although I felt bad for Bennet about Walt bailing and running to Maggie’s arms just to prove to himself he isn’t gay. This is by far one of the better “coming-out” storylines I have seen in years.

Carrie’s lesson for tonight was that she is a caretaker and she loves to be a good friend. She could take on that part again when she got home. Sebastian was standing in her frontyard with a completely baked Mouse. Seemed that Mouse and Maggie went to his party. Mouse and Sebastian had a nice heart-to-heart about their parents and smoked some pot together right before Maggie’s cop boyfriend walked into the diner to bust everyone. After Maggie threatened him about revealing their relationship if he busts her friends, he walked away. Although he called it quits between them before he left. I’ve got a feeling this will come up again to bite at least one of them in the ass.

This episode wasn’t bad at all, but Walt and Carrie at Larissa’s party was the most interesting part of it. Plus I really liked the final song on the episode (Somebody’ Watching Me by Anna Waronker). – 7

This week’s favorite quote
Carrie talking about her costume: “Let’s just say I have a costume that is to ‘di’ for.”
Bennet: “Oh, honey. She’s not my type.”
Mouse (still stoned) about Sebastian: “He’s got a really cute butt!”


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