Arrow 1×13: Nobody puts baby in the corner

Arrow 1x13: Betrayal

Arrow 1×13: Betrayal

Arrow 1×13: Betrayal
Using your daughter as bait comes with a price, certainly when someone is leaking information in your department. After dangerous criminal Cyrus Vanch is released from prison Laurel calls The Hood for help. When they meet up the police shows up and Ollie barely escapes. Laurel freaks out and tells Tommy by accident she ditched him to meet up with The Hood. After this stunt Vanch gets the idea Laurel may be a special someone to The Hood and decides to kidnap her. Laurel fights back, skip that: she kicked ass. Her self defense classes really paid off. But after being tasered by Vanch she gets taken. Tommy finds an empty apartment with an arrow. He goes to her dad to get a SWAT team, but Quentin realizes there’s a leak in his department and calls The Hood. The archenemies have to work together to save Laurel.

Back on the island we see Ollie meet a new friend called Steve Wilson who works for the Australian Intelligence (A.S.I.S.). Back in Starling City Ollie and Diggle look into the notebook they got from Felicity. Ollie has a hard time believing his mother is involved with the bad guys. After Diggle eavesdrops on a meeting with Malcom about a mysterious project called The Undertaking, he’s got the prove to convince Ollie he’s right about Moira. Ollie decides to pay his mother another visit, but he changes into The Hood first.

David Anders makes a great villain. Plus his joke about not being Frankenstein was a nice touch. Anders also stars in Once Upon A Time as the creator of Frankenstein Dr. Whale these days. It was great Ollie reminded Quentin that he is a cop and not a vigilante. Watching The Hood say goodbye to Laurel was hard. I hope this relationship will be restored soon. Apparently Laurel has a thing for bad boys, so I think we don’t have to wait long for that to happen. I’m very curious about Moira’s response to The Hood’s visit. Lying to Ollie has been easy for her up till now. – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
The Hood to Quentin: “I’m the Vigilante. You’re the cop.”
Quentin Lance: “That doesn’t mean I have to read the bastard his rights, though.”
Vanch: “Lose the bow, Merida.” (Nice Disney reference!)


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