Nashville 1×12: You call it madness, but I call it love

Nashville 1x12: I've Been Down That Road Before

Nashville 1×12: I’ve Been Down That Road Before

Nashville 1×12: I’ve Been Down That Road Before
Everyone on Nashville is at a crossroad and wondering about what their next move will be. Rayna is dealing with her marriage problems (Teddy isn’t pleased Deacon joined Juliette’s tour) and the awkwardness between her and Deacon. Hence a couple of awkward elevator rides. She also got a green light from her label to start scouting artists for her own label and Watty White recommends Deacon’s niece Scarlett and partner Gunnar.

Back in Nashville Scarlett has problems getting her rent money together. When Avery shows up at her house with a filmcrew, she demands back the loan she gave him. Gunnar is having some troubles at home too which makes him grumpy. He has trouble sleeping because his roommates are super noisy and childish. Scarlett suggests that he moves in with her. When he is unpacking his stuff Avery shows up, trying to be all chivalrous but when he sees Gunnar he loses it and Gunnar kicks his ass! Go Gunnar. Sparks are flying between Scarlett and Gunnar but they don’t kiss! You are kidding me right, writers?! Those two have an undeniable chemistry. If you want to argue that, please check out the pictures below and come back to me…

Who are hooking up are Teddy and Peggy. What the hell?! At this point Rayna has still not cheated on Teddy… After Juliette decides to drop her usual act on stage and goes back to basic, because Deacon told her to start doing the thing she wants instead of thinking about it, Deacon takes his own advice. During awkward elevator ride no. 3 he tells Rayna to stop talking and kisses her passionately. OMG, that kiss was HOT! Rayna is completely taken by suprise but after walking around in her penthouse for a few minutes she decides to text Deacon to come up and talk about it. When Deacon receives the text he walks out the door right away. When we hear knocks and Rayna opens the door Teddy suddenly appears. Demanding he wants to talk. Luckily Deacon spots Teddy at Rayna’s door, although I felt very sorry for him at that moment. Teddy claims he and Rayna will never get their spark back and asks for a divorce. He forgets to mention he’s been a complete asshole by sleeping with Peggy. BOOM, to be continued. Leaving the viewers (and Rayna of course) completely in shock. After checking next week’s promo I just can’t wait to see what happens next. I think that will be Nashville’s best episode to date.

By the way I loved the songs this episode. Although “I’m A Girl” is extremely childish, it was super catchy. I can’t get “‘Cause I’m a girl, ow yeah, I can get free drinks for flipping my hair” out of my head. Plus killer heels, Hayden! (“I’m a girl, I got skills, I can dance all night in 5-inch heels” Haha, just kidding I will stop singing right now.) – 8,5/9

This week’s favorite quote
Rayna to Deacon in the elevator: “Never thought I’d see the day you’d be singing “Boys and Buses” with Juliette Barnes day in and day out, but, you know, life never ceases to amaze. Glad we had this chat.”
Scarlett to Gunnar about moving in: “There’d be rules. Don’t walk around the kitchen naked, and I won’t play the banjo in the shower.”
Deacon: “I know it must be real scary thinking about losing everybody, but wouldn’t it be worse to lose yourself? Look, Juliette, there’s thinking about doing something… And there’s just doing it.”


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