Pretty Little Liars 3×18: Chasing Red Riding Hood

Pretty Little Liars 3x18: Dead to Me

Pretty Little Liars 3×18: Dead to Me

Pretty Little Liars 3×18: Dead to Me
While Spencer continues with her downward spiral, Emily visit Dr. Sullivan to deal with the Nate debacle. Aria misses Ezra, but finds company when his younger brother claims Ezra’s apartment for a few days. Hanna is being supportive of Caleb after he hears that his childhood home is going to be tear down. In the end the girls and Jason all gather to say goodbye to Ali for the millionth time at her new grave.

Cuteness vs. Useless
+ Caleb got something more to do than sneaking around trying to catch A. Although it was super obvious that his uncle is actually his dad. That ring was enormous!
+ The hypnotize scene was nicely done. The therapist thinks it’s about Nate, but we saw that it was about Ali. It was a great way to reveal that the blond girl with the red coat is the leader of the A-army. It’s also nice to have a mysterious A again, because it makes the viewers experience A’s tricks like the girls do, instead of shouting at your telly that someone is a creep and they shouldn’t trust him/her.
+ I really loved the inscription on Ali’s grave. “Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality.”
+ Go Dr. Sullivan! I bet that orchid was bugged by the A-army.
+ Hanna asking if the girl in the red coat is Ali, because I know a lot of viewers who read the books would love to ask the same question. It might be Ali, but another blond girl on the show is Cece Drake. Just putting it out there.
– It sucked that Spencer couldn’t find a real clue about Toby’s whereabouts (and his motive). But it was kind of harsh she spilled the truth about Ali’s pregnancy to Jason.
– Sometimes Ashley Benson looks like she could wear a trash bag and still look beautiful, but that jacket was ugly! Although she rocked the jeans jumpsuit.

Pretty Little Liars is getting it’s groove back. – 7,5

This week’s favorite quote
Hanna about the Emily Dickinson inscription on Ali’s grave: “I don’t care if it’s Santa Claus, consider me creeped.”


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