White Collar 4×13: Big yellow taxi

White Collar 4x13: Empire City

White Collar 4×13: Empire City

White Collar 4×13: Empire City
Neal and Mozzie try to discover the location where the key points to, but while driving around New York in Mozzie’s cab they see someone with the same medallion as Mozzie’s. Mozzie is not amused! The trail leads to the Cotton Club, which is going to be reopened in a few days. With the help of June – who used to sing with her husband Byron back in the day – the gang does a con at the jazz club. After the con Neal realizes Ellen thought he would return to his old life when he came out of prison. When he returns to his favorite pier, Mozzie and Neal find out her evidence box is in the Empire State building. Peter knows it too, because he has been tracking Neal’s movements via GPS.

It was a very enjoyable episode. June is super classy, but at the same time a great con artist. Plus I really enjoyed to hear her sing. It was also nice to see the group doing something honorable, because they could have easily arrested the bad guy’s brother for the crime. – 7,5/8

This week’s favorite quote
June: “Listen, little man, if you think you can show me some class, you have another thought coming.”


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