Suits 2×14: Bittersweet revenge

Suits 2x14: He's Back

Suits 2×14: He’s Back

Suits 2×14: He’s Back
Remember Jessica taking on 45 gender discrimination cases last week? Folsom Foods new lawyer is Daniel Hardman, who just made it his personal mission to take Jessica down. He starts his own gender discrimination case against Pearson Hardman with the help of his former lover Monica. Pearson Hardman can’t make statements about firing Monica for having an affair with the guy who embezzled money from the company to pay for it, because Jessica signed a confidentiality agreement. Basically Jessica is screwed.

Another person who is getting screwed again is Louis. Hardman use Louis crush on Monica to imply she was sexual harassed by him. When Louis finds out he threatens Daniel in the elevator, a terrific scene by the way. Louis isn’t the only one taking revenge on Hardman. Donna bitch slaps him twice for getting her fired and going after Harvey. Go Donna! Although Daniel tries to get in everyone’s head, Mike convinces Monica to drop the case against Jessica to help out the women at Folsom Foods who actually suffered from gender discrimination.

In the meantime Rachel works on her Harvard application and she wrote a killer essay. It means Rachel will leave Pearson Hardman for a while and Rachel and Mike realize they would miss hanging out with each other. I loved how Mike was able to tell the truth about his interview with Harvey to Rachel, but still was able to hide the fact he never went to Harvard at all.

It sucks that Pearson Hardman is still in danger, because Robert Zane is being an ass about merging. Although I think you wouldn’t be happy with calling Robert Zane your partner either. I hate seeing Hardman controlling the company from the outside, so I hope Jessica, Harvey and Mike find a solution to beat Hardman for once and for all soon. – 7

This week’s favorite quote
Louis response to the deposition (great delivery!): “Mike led the deposition. Starts off bold. Oh, he shouldn’t have asked that. That’s a rookie move.”
Jessica response to Mike going to see Monica for the second time: “Goddamn kid. He’s another you.”
Harvey to Donna: “You scratched my Miles Davis.” (I get the feeling, vinyl records are sacred!)


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